We Only Have So Long Before ‘So Long’


We Only Have So Long Before So Long

We Only Have So Long Before So Long

I moved a few plants to bigger pots
And lamented how I had wanted to do this
For over a week.
I wanted to do this all morning
But didn’t actually take the pots
Filled with dried-out soil from the previous teacher,
combined it with the deluxe plants
In economy accommodations
Until it was near time to get ready for work.
I trudged as I thought of another long day
Half the time wondering if I’m nothing  more than
A glorified babysitter.
Then, I remembered it’s May 7
My three-month anniversary is less than a week away.
It wasn’t long ago one month seemed like a struggle.
It wasn’t long ago 55 days was more than enough.
It’s not long until I say goodbye to the first friend I made in 2013
That’s now going home.
There will be many more to come.
It’s not long since I ended my 34th year away from my mother,
It won’t be long until the 35th year has come and gone,
Even if it seems so long before I say “so long” to it all.
It could be much, much worse, of course.

The plants already look much happier in their new homes.


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