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Periodically, Koreabridge holds Writing Contests. Below is a listing of all past contest, entries, and results.
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Writing Contest 2004

First Steps by The Rooster
Dr. Maury Gomin (Part Two) by L Becco, of the Busanists
Psychic Comas by Steve Trites
a korean romance by Curt Bilson
Shauna L.F. Beaucher, of the Busanists
Dr. Maury Gomin, in South Korea by L Becco, of the Busanists
The Adventures of Joji the Shit-Dog by Fatty Mortoff, of the Busanists
Heat by Geoffrey Miller
What is 'Jung' ? by Fatty Mortoff, of the Busanists
There's Nothing Sexy About These Stairs by Mark Kenseth
The Prelude To A Cold War by Therese Park
Chapter One (Zero Two, Zero Two) by Bobby McGill
Jenkins by L.F. Beaucher
Letter to a Lost Chinese Love by Laowai
Wishkey by SavageLucy
Jenkins by L.F. Beaucher of The Busanists

Culture Shock by Carolyne Park
A Peaceful Little War by Johnny Ioannidis
Conversations With a Monk By Rick Ruffin
A Reformed Adrenaline Junkie's Perspective of The Banff Festival of Mountain Films by Rick Ruffin
My American Grandson by Therese Park
There's An Alien at my Table by Sherrie L. Davis
She Changes by Yei
Cinema Korea by Yei
The Houseguests by Therese Park
A true Korean love story by Yei
Made in Korea but not a Korean by Yei
The Art of Growing Old by Therese Park
left to spur by Rebecca
Adoration of the Korean - Expatriate Tales Made in Korea by Andrew Crown - an anthology of stories
And All The Strange Rock and Rollers by Scott Liam Soper
Happy Holidays by Scott Soper
Yen-less in Japan by Elizabeth Briel
They Paved The Rave, And Put Up A Nursing Home by Johnny Ioannidis
The Good Days by Ethan Hawley
Prophetic Sweatshirt by SJW ( Professor of all things of questionable interest)
Biyantay Seunim : Sleazy Monk by Maria Calleja
Koreans, Konglish, and (K)culture - Part I by Yei
Michael Moore's “Fahrenheit 9/11” by L Becco, of the Busanists
Why Does Everyone Have to be an Asshole? by Tanya Tchirkova

, another never again by Curt Bilson
Seven Poems by Richar Provencher
Ode to the Korean Bus Driver Fatty Mortoff, of the Busanists
The Teacher's Plaint by Mike Teacher
µ¿ÇØ (The East Sea); º¢²È (Cherry Blossoms) by: M. Calleja
Summit by Maurice Lineman
No Fear
, Songs of the East and West , Heaven is a Place , Finding Mom , Fair Chance , The Liar by Yei
The Same Tired Love Song by Logan
Four Poems by Vernon Mooers
Death, where is your sting by modern_day_holocaust
Writers’ Block by Joanne Elliott
Professional Lapse by E. Mel Bloughs

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Coming Home by Buddy Young
Mr. Gorilla by Michael Blakley
Strange Star Night by Will Lingle
Enter The Emart Or You Don't Respect My Gilled Cheese!? by A.D. Pearson (of the Busanists)
Black Kimchi by M.R. Bradie (of the BusanIsts)
September Madness by Matthew Ng
Love Story of Mina and her Eternal Love George by Albert Pulido
The Noraebang Underground by Trokkon Sundagger Nagbe (of the BusanIsts)
The Last Round-up by Alexander North
The Northern States by Matt Ng
My Beninian Wife by Geoffrey Miller
Turning off the light by Jameson
In the Beginning by Corporal
The Interrogation by Spook Larsen
Backwards Against the Curve of Night by Ian Christopher Hooper
The Diary by Alexander North

He Wishes to Remain Anonymous by Alexander North
Travelogue: Bogyeong-sa by Nick Gallagher
The Rong and Winding Load by John Bocskay
Teaching in Korea: Oh My!! by LouLou Lawless
Time to Fly by Lucy Dreamer

Pusan by Johnny Ioannidis
The Effort Tower - (on hagwon dreams) , Amid 's(t)aram' , Om by naman
Tour of the DMZ , Why ?, Canada day in Korea from a British Perspective by Wesley Meller
Seasons of a Fisherman - (for Yun Son Do) , Busan Station Square, Gwanghalli Beach, She Has Returned, The Rock of Falling Petals, Train from Daegu, & North of Tumen River by Vernon Mooers
Dance into the Fire by Mike Denver
It Was So Nice by John Bocskay
Call it a Heart & Colours by Yoo Young-eun
Melon Man by Fin Madden
Damage & The Moon by David Hilton
Family of Three, Daejeon Ashram, Climbing Kum Jung Mountain on Sul Nal, Near Gupo Station, Moons so far Away, The Neighbor's Son, Sungmyo for our Dead Father-in-Law, & My Sons in Kimhae City by Ian Haight
Mackerel Lady A poem by Ju Hee Kwon
Translations by Jack Pogue
Moo Goong Hwa (Rose of Sharon) by Alexander North
White Red Blue Black (On A Korean Flag) by Yoo Young-eun
Covergirl & A Korean Alphabetby Corporal
A Lesson in Plurals? (Teaching Too Long In Korea) by Alexander North
Reflections of an English Teacher in South Korea
by Dave
In This Cold Today by Chris Weagle
Last Bus to Ulsan
by Jen Reardon

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A Life Spent Running From Blue BWK ..I swam the East Sea - desperate and nude / to sedate the cry of the blue-faced babe that I was born

Protest Tyler Peterson ..mourn death / celebrate with millions / of lives / loved in hands / freed by arms / content to live ..

Texas Street Vernon Mooers ..He's alone, bandana-headed / down on Foreigner Street / with another girl / to starve his guilt away

Kumjeong Mountain at Daybreak Kenneth Parsons ... breaking, breaking / into the code of the morning calm..

Christmas Journal 1996 : The Open Square and The Narrow Lane Kenneth Parsons ..Yes, Guo, we have arrived / And we have opened a simple gift between us

Trancespirations Steve Lee .. Know that I wish to engulf you...

On Death's Bed Steve Lee ..Onward unblinking unto the quiet veneer of death

The Budding of a Christmas Tree Patricia Hart ..Once Upon a Christmas Time, not so long ago, / There lived a Little boy ...

Travels, an elegy for Evan Carl Hunsicker Ben Eller..two languages, two selves, with one body to settle accounts.

Two Songs Remco Dalmaijer ...From a Man Who Thinks Maybe This Adventure Was a Mistake ...

Sitting Here Thinking Jonathan Danker ..Lessons cost something but mistakes come for free. / Running from something to come to this land

Winter's Growth Chris Weagle ..In Spring, cabbages and radishes begin to grow / on the fertile ground of tilled and tended landfill...

told to love Tyster ..skies tight with memories / touched by / roads and touched by / the touch of love

Freedom will Reign Megan Shields ..How fragile am I sitting here free, / Wondering how long my freedom shall be..

Firefly Michel ..Night sounds, only one. / Spirits whisper in the blackness

My First Korean Haircut Andrea Schenck .. The time had come to face all my fears and finally get a haircut here in Korea.

Konglish Rocks! Scott Soper .."Language is a skin. I rub my language against the other".

Geoje-do, Part 7 : The Ferry Pita Bird Shawn Matthews ..From an orange plastic bowl crawled a squid onto the cement. It squirmed desperately ...

The Subway Salesman Shawn Matthews .. they followed his hand intently with their eyes...

The Vegetable Man Shawn Matthews .. The voice shouted on -- a rooster crooned, a dog howled in chorus...

Exposed Sari Fordham ...I was naked. Buck-naked. Stark-naked. Stripped. Exposed. Stunned. Totally nude. Embarrassed forever...

Mother-In-Law Diaries Scott Morley ...Every morning at ten o’clock the house is rocking with elderly drunk–junkies cheering on my son..

Greekfreak 3:1 (travelogue part 3) Johnny Ioannidis ... Ten countries into the trip, and I decide to finally turn my music off, sit down, and watch..

Still Steven Reeder .. "There could be a problem." He put the ultrasound away.



Boom Boom in Pusan L.F. Beaucher ..He got knocked down eight times in one fight and then he came back and he knocked the other boxer out.  Please, don't stop it.  Please.  Promise me.

The Dead Rat 'The Flying Fish' ..Fugly (abbreviation for F#%king ugly) was sprawled out casually on his bedding of plastic wrappings and assorted road trash..

The World Cyber Games Scott Soper .. I’m reading ‘Fear and Loathing’ at the 2nd annual World Cyber Games here in Daejeon, South Korea..

What 70,000 won Will Get You in Busan Jake Roberts ..then I looked at the mirror to my right, and saw a face that wasn't mine.

Broken Umbrellas Michael White ...She was a fortuneteller who always finished with the words believe it or not, but they all believed

The Water Between the Fish Zachary J. George ... His hands shook. He made a loop and wrapped the string around his finger...

The Monk Who Never Sleeps Ian Christopher Hooper ...You need a calming kind of story, really.  A good story to end things up with

Jungang-dong Albert Puido ... We were in a Western bar, which meant Indian Chiefs with beer taps, lassos for ashtrays, and seared wood tables.

Three Girls, Three Days A.C. Koch ..."I also had a date." She peeks at me to see my reaction...

Captain Q Scott Morley...She said, "I marry Korean boy. But I keep you Sunday. Okay?"

A Ride Into Oblivion Esposito ...My head is pounding and I seem paralyzed. I’m aware of a steady, throbbing pain behind my eyes..

Obstacles  Scott Morley   ...It seemed impossible to keep any foreigner happy at all. If Korea is a developing nation, it'd better be good and developed by next week..

Untitled (poem) Shin Flower blooming face to the sky out to passerby / Gently smiling as face to face they become one ...

The Boy Has Soul Blisters Shin .. I want to think about Valentine's Day in Korea, but I better tell you all I am distracted ..

The Last Night in Paris Han, You Hee ...whenever I think of my first trip to Europe or Paris, that nightmare comes across my mind first ...

Beomosa   Zhang Linlan  ..They walk humbly. After entering the individual temples, they say nothing to each other.

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