Daily Kimchi
by Dinah Brown
  • The India Getaway March 2003 "...In Korea I stick out like a sore thumb; in India, to some of the Muslims, I likely seemed a godless harlot, to the many Hindu men; a potential wife. "

  • Demon Alcohol February 2003 .."Well, I guess it all started with the novelty of being able to buy the nectar of the underworld at any little supermarket."

  • Busan Meat Market January 2003 ".. Just because I‘m single does not mean I‘m going to crawl in the sack with you. Just because you buy me a drink does not mean you can kidnap me into idle conversations about all of your good qualities. Just because the girl over there shot you down does not mean I‘m your Plan B."

  • Paying for the Little Things December 2002.."I don‘t need to live under these restrictions I set up for myself. I should not feel the need to steal a roll of toilet paper from the office, or fill my water with the office water cooler.".

  • Stranger in a Strange Land November 2002.."...I‘m happy to have found a nice secret little coffee shop where I can sit down and write. .. I didn‘t invite you to sit down in my booth, please go sit in one of the other five that are still open .".

  • Accused October 2002 .."Here I am thinking I'm going to get an “Employee of the Month” pin, when instead my boss walks up to me one day and says, “Did you hit a student?”. ".
  • Livin' La Vida Expat September 2002 .."The thought of going back to the land of John Deere tractors and Winchester 30-odd-30‘s sends yet another shudder through my spine…"

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