Fiction & Other Imaginative Writing - Archive 2002~2003


  • May 18 Ethan Hawley ..“Gone? What do you mean? Where did they take him?

  • A Sudden Shower Hwang Sun-won [a famous Korean short story, translated by Hyun-hee Kim] "..They hold hands and start running. Suddenly it gets black, cloudy and windy. It rains.."

  • Fooled By Fool's Gold Maurice Lineman ".. Headline News -- Gold in the Hermit Kingdom, June 25, 2003, Seoul, South Korea, AP. UP. Rueters Int."

  • A Higher Plain of Existence Scott Morley .."George, I want you to sit right down and hear me out..."

  • A Night in Pusan Grayson .. "The crowd has headed over across the road to watch and wait. Mick is doubtful, "is he going to hit me", he asks Grateful Jimmy."

  • Just Another Day Maurice Lineman .."David sat down to relax and have a drink ....... because after all tomorrow would be just another day.."

  • Wrong Decision Joseph Steinberg ..It’s just a one-year contract for you, but for me its another wasted opportunity.

  • The Pot Maurice Lineman .. He looked down at his cards, an eight, nine, ten, and queen of hearts in his hands.

  • Boom Boom in Pusan L.F. Beaucher ..He got knocked down eight times in one fight and then he came back and he knocked the other boxer out.  Please, don't stop it.  Please.  Promise me.

  • The Dead Rat 'The Flying Fish' ..Fugly (abbreviation for F#%king ugly) was sprawled out casually on his bedding of plastic wrappings and assorted road trash..

  • The World Cyber Games Scott Soper .. I’m reading ‘Fear and Loathing’ at the 2nd annual World Cyber Games here in Daejeon, South Korea..

  • Vanished Joseph Steinberg ..That asshole will not bury this in a computer file as a suicide due to jilted love! This guy had issues

  • Broken Umbrellas Michael White ...She was a fortuneteller who always finished with the words believe it or not, but they all believed

  • The Water Between the Fish Zachary J. George ... His hands shook. He made a loop and wrapped the string around his finger...

  • The Monk Who Never Sleeps Ian Christopher Hooper ...You need a calming kind of story, really.  A good story to end things up with

  • Jungang-dong Albert Puido ... We were in a Western bar, which meant Indian Chiefs with beer taps, lassos for ashtrays, and seared wood tables.

  • Three Girls, Three Days A.C. Koch ..."I also had a date." She peeks at me to see my reaction...

  • A Ride Into Oblivion Esposito ...My head is pounding and I seem paralyzed. I’m aware of a steady, throbbing pain behind my eyes.

  • Obstacles  Scott Morley   ...It seemed impossible to keep any foreigner happy at all. If Korea is a developing nation, it'd better be good and developed by next week...

  • The Harrowing 8 Ball Odyssey otherwise known as Friday Night Folly   Pendragon  ... No, this is definitely not my kind of scene man..

  • Ghosting   Andrew Pearson  .. he imagined night inside his apartment as the same night that was breathing in the belly of an alley cat ...

  • The Long Journey Far From Home  Stephen Porter ..The nature of my dream is winding. Circles within circles ... 

  • Why I Love America  - Nostalgic Recollections of Life Before Korea Scott Morely  ..Initially he'd used a brick on his victims' heads ..

Fiction & Other Imaginative Writing - Archive 1998~2001

A Relationship for All Ages
by Roar Sheppard
#372851's Confession 
by Joseph Steinberg
My Two Best Friends: The Devil and an Angel
by Big Ole Yuletide Log
James Brown is Jesus
by Greekfreak
He Came in the Morning
by Melodie
We're accustomed to this
by Lavinia Spalding
by AD Pearson
Dear  Mom
by AD Pearson

by Martin Grove
The Green Forest
by Martin Grove
Brain Eater
by Martin Grove
The Thinning Girl
by J. Steinberg
Mating Ritual
by John Bocskay
Cherry Blossoms in Korea
by Sheila Windle
Path of the Wind
by Joseph Steinberg
Rosy Kiss
by Jerry A. Wills  II
The Uneternalized
by Mike Bradie
Novels by 
Whalen M. Wehry
Seoul - serialized on Pweb
Yobo-now appearing on Korea Web Weekly


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