The Mother-in-law Diaries
by Scott Morley
  • The Dirty Diaries March 2003 "...Sitting on a cold seat, in my cramped outhouse, staring at a wastebasket stuffed with stinky folded tissues reminds me of my first year in Korea. "

  • Protests & Disobediance February 2003 .."...Earlier, on our way to the bar, we passed a demonstration for the two dead middle school girls. I told my buddy about it and he hurried past. I lingered, waving hello and smiling at the high school kids."

  • Rounds with Alex January 2003 ".. All up and down our street, ajummas sit gossiping, shucking garlic or picking persimmons off trees. ...Alex proceeds to shake the poor girl, and when that doesn‘t work he pulls her blanket off and grabs her hair, saying, “get up” in Korean."

  • Toilet Seats, Shamans & Middle Schoolers December 2002.."...But for me, here in Korea, fall also represents a time to begin holding it in so as to avoid a cold toilet seat. It is a time when I should accustom myself to not showering for days.".

  • Cleaning the House November 2002.."...I'd already decided to marry her if she'd let me. I knew then that I wouldn‘t marry her for housekeeping expertise.".

  • Looking Around October 2002 .."...But occasionally I slow down enough to really look around. I sit on the floor next to my mother-in-law and we nibble pickled pigs feet before bed. I do live with my mother-in-law. ".

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