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  • The Good Days Ethan Hawley " Blah blah imnida,” she points inside the park, “blah blah imnika?”

  • They Paved The Rave And Put Up A Nursing Home Johnny Ioannidis "..the best DJs in the world use anything and everything to make it happen".
  • Prophetic Sweatshirt SJW " ... "It's all those little unspoken things....".

  • Biyantay Seunim - Sleazy Monk Maria Calleja "..This was no longer a serene Buddhist moment. It felt more like a gross ajeossi staring lewdly.."

  • Korean, American and Other Strange Habits Thor May "... There was a dreamtime in distant childhood when it was obvious and proper that the world was how your mum and dad said it was..

  • Top Five Reasons To Teach English In A Private Academy In South Korea Lauren Kravetsky "...Each teacher gets his/her very own art department, known as the student body.."

  • How to Get The Degree You Want, OR Are You A Fake ? Thor May "...Are you a fake? This was the engaging header on an e-mail which recently arrived in my mailbox.."

  • No Grass To Be Greener Lauren Kravetsky "...after 2 days of trying to figure out what exactly is so different about this city, I think I got it: There is no greenery anywhere!"

  • A Verse for Stan Johnny Ioannidis "At some point in your life, you turned to someone or something for inspiration.."

  • About Names Thor May ...Names are funny things. You can summon the devil with them, marry with them and get sent to war because you own one

  • Letter From A Chinese Postgraduate Thor May ..You know, all the graduates in every college are going crazy now...

  • South Korean Language Policy - a letter to Mr Roh Moo-hyun Thor May .. A Korean colleague assures me that middle class Koreans are spending up to 30% of their disposable income on language study. If true, this is an extraordinary figure with unusual political implications...

  • North Korea - The Japanese Card Thor May .. it is difficult not to feel that the North Korean saga is approaching some kind of end-game...

  • The Hermit Kingdom - A Book Review Thor May ..At this moment in life's journey, I  am particularly uncertain about the meaning of the nation coded as 'Korea'..

  • Inside Pusanweb - An Interview with Jeff Lebow Thor May ..it's a journey ... not necessarily Pusanweb, but this web stuff is my art. It's my creative thing, and so as long as it's growing and evolving, and I'm enjoying it, and I'm having a nice life, that's cool.

  • Home for the Holidays Spook Larsen ..So what’s the Korean-foreigner zeitgeist for 2002? The year was a pretty big one for Korea..

  • Name Your Poison John Ioannidis ..The wiped-out staff is wiping their eyes, their hands, the tables....

  • My First Korean Haircut Andrea Schenck .. The time had come to face all my fears and finally get a haircut here in Korea.

  • Konglish Rocks! Scott Soper .."Language is a skin. I rub my language against the other".

  • Crime and Punishment Thor May ...On June 13, 2001 two 13 year old Korean girls, Shim Mi-sun and Shin Hyo-sun, were crushed to death..

  • Geoje-do, Part 7 : The Ferry Pita Bird Shawn Matthews ..From an orange plastic bowl crawled a squid onto the cement. It squirmed desperately ...

  • The Subway Salesman Shawn Matthews .. they followed his hand intently with their eyes...

  • The Vegetable Man Shawn Matthews .. The voice shouted on -- a rooster crooned, a dog howled in chorus...

  • Exposed Sari Fordham ...I was naked. Buck-naked. Stark-naked. Stripped. Exposed. Stunned. Totally nude. Embarrassed forever...

  • Shawn's Lists I : Shawn Matthews .. You’ve been in Korea too long when…

  • Shawn's Lists 2 : Shawn Matthews .. How To Know You Lived Too Long in Korea Now That You're Back Home

  • Mother-In-Law Diaries Scott Morley ...Every morning at ten o’clock the house is rocking with elderly drunk–junkies cheering on my son..

  • Still   Steven Reeder .. "There could be a problem." He put the ultrasound away...

  • The Yin and Yang of Food Roar Sheppard  ... Food medicine precedes all other kinds of medicine, including herbals...

  • Kabaddi Fever  Patrick Carle  #7 for Bangladesh was introduced as "Lightning" Kaleed, who is well-known for his "fast-break offense".

  • North Korea - The Smell of Rat  Thor May  ..Sinuiju ... does nobody smell a rat? The air is full of oohs and aahs, a smacking of lips ....

  • Embrace Joseph Steinberg  ... 9/11 is the day when all those stubborn human qualities, like messiness and impermanence, collided with our over-reaching ambitions.

  • Assuming We Get Out Alive by Johnny Ioannidis Memories, like rap fans or teenage sweethearts, are entirely too fickle...

  • Will Pacifist Japan Join the War on Terrorism by Dinah Brown    Altering a pledge that was supposed to be everlasting will prove to alienate Japan from the continent

  • A New Low for Korea by Joseph Steinberg   My wedding to my Korean fiancée impending in only a few weeks, a nationalistic feeding frenzy was the last guest I wanted at the ceremony.

  • The World Cup of Corporate Corruption John Scott Marchant   I cannot help but think that this was the most corrupt World Cup in the history of football.

  • Conspiracy Theory  Danny May  ...There were some bad calls today, but there were some bad calls in every game  ...

  • Hiddink's the man  John Doe  .... let's give credit where credit is due. Hiddink's the man.

  • The First Lesson  Marci Gabriel  ..."Ah, practice". They mimicked together. "Much speaking. More speak" ,and they raised their glasses ..

  • A Most Decorous Nation   S.K.Y. .... Thou hast gone too far, thou son of dog!

  • Whose Chook Are You Anyway?  Thor May  .... "Psssst", I hissed, doubling over and running my hand up my trouser legs.

  • As the World Dances Away  Bob O. One might wonder, as I do, why the police seem to care about food and disco lights...

  • Black Magic Pants II - Woodstock 2002   Alexander Wills ....The bell rang. The kids did not move! They wanted more. Mrs. Kim wanted more!!!!

  • Language Barrier Sheila Windle ... Mr. Brotherhood told us about language barrier in grade ten geography class.

  • The Second Hand Man  Thor May  ... he was in his own way reassuring. He was no fool, but no pretender either..

  • Texas Street Black Magic Pants Alexander Wills ... I needed those pants!! That night changed my life forever!

  • The Coming Battle Joseph Steinberg ... I am marrying a Korean national ...

  • The Monk's Magic Moment - Stage Blind Thor May .. You wanna' be famous, do an act? You a muso', a poet ? Nah. Well ...

  • Just when you think you've seen it all  Jerry Foley  ..what was striking about this case is a woman was with him..

  • Culture Shock - A Breakdown Of The Breakdown  G. Lenny Munny ..So you’ve signed on for the emotional roller coaster ride of your life ...

  • Death Goes To High School In Cambodia G. Lenny Munny ...only seven of the 17,000 people held there survived...

  • Getting There Is Half The Fun !?! Jeff Turley ... bus drivers' personalities change after a couple of months behind the wheel...

  • Rectal Surgery Fatty Mortoff  Piles : it's hard to believe such little things could be such a big pain in the ass ...

  • Gibberish Over Coffee Silly Girl  Sitting here I am reminded for the one millionth time in my life so far how ignorant I am....

  • Want Stress? Try a Weekend Hike  Dol Muri Today is Sunday in Korea and not a cloud in the high, blue autumn sky...

  • The Banker's Tale Thor May   Mr Kang dreads my arrival every month. His round face flushes slightly as I claim a seat in front of his desk ...

  • Omen  Thor May  ... All of which makes what happened next a bit chilling. Maybe the Local Hill God wasn't invited...

  • Pendragon Gauges Diplomatic Integrity Pendragon  In terms of slamming the actions of international diplomacy, I have no qualms or misgivings....


Essay & Commentaries Archive 1998~2001
Former Columnists
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What Was It Really Worth?
by Jim Corbett
The Nexus of Prohibition and Terrorism 
by Dinah Brown
Stay Lost in Arizona; 
Read Dis-tribute Accurately
by Hyam R. Hope
We-Guk Lost in Arizona; A Tribute to a Past Life
by G.Lenny Munny 
A Wondeful Experience
by Christiane Moquin 
Collateral Damage 
by Dinah Brown
The Complete Idiot’s  Guide to Making Cup Ramyon 
 by Patrick Q. Carle
 Genji/Sado: A Kapanese Tragedy
Going to A Friend's Wedding

by Joseph Steinberg
by Bob O
by Joseph Steinberg
by Sheila Windle
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by A.D. Pearson
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by Sheila Windle
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  Thor's Korea Diary
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Prisoner of the Politically Correct (PC)
by Steve Brynes 
Emails Home & Korean Quirks
by Cathy Bates
Great Mysteries of Korea
by John Bocskay
A Picnic of Quick Decisions
by John.G.Warren
An American in Pusan
by Joseph Steinberg
The Face of Evil
by James Strohmaier
Seoul 2000 Journal
by Kevin Maher
A Brief Moment in Time
by Phil Noel
Something Special
by Sheila Windle
What do you think about eating dog?
    by Jeremy Joel
Subway Bull: A Behavioral Analysis
by Sheila Windle
Not Telling Burroughs About It
by Adjumoni
The Korean Scooter Riders
by Alan Medd
by Joseph Steinberg
Some Observations, Some Questions
by Les Miller
The Dark Side of the Dawning Horizon
by Joseph Steinberg
Reflect Upon Yourself
by Christopher Lee Roush
A Day in the Life...
by Lee Ackerson
25 Things You Shouldn't Do in Korea
by Sean Lardner
Election Analysis
by Sean Lardner
The Hand Wave
by an anonymous observer
The Barking Dog
A Column by Typhoon Laurie
Some thoughts from Jamie
by Jamie Studebaker
Dying in Modern Korea
by  Frank Tedesco

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