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Author’s note: this page will be updated as I get information or clarification on new eventscheck back often!

Happening sometime in April (more information to come, possibly)
Seoul Open Art Fair 2010 – although I haven’t yet received any information about this year’s event, last year’s event featured 1,200 artists, 80 galleries, and over 5,500 pieces of art. Last year it was held at the Indian Hall at COEX, but we’ll see where it is this year.

Author’s note: this page will be updated as I get information or clarification on new eventscheck back often!

Happening sometime in April (more information to come, possibly)
Seoul Open Art Fair 2010 – although I haven’t yet received any information about this year’s event, last year’s event featured 1,200 artists, 80 galleries, and over 5,500 pieces of art. Last year it was held at the Indian Hall at COEX, but we’ll see where it is this year.

April 1 – April 11: The Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival (AKA the Jinhae Guhang Festival) – the annual cherry blossom festival that’s been running since 1963 comes around yet again. The entire town gets involved, and walking down the streets and up the mountains are just two of the ways to see the sights. If interested in traveling with a group on April 3rd-4th, check out the Seoulite Meetup group. 55,000 won pays for your chartered bus ride down and a night’s hotel stay. For more information about the trip, contact bredalund AT gmail DOT com. For more information about the festival, check out one official tourist webpage.

April 1: Pan – the Korean traditional music form opens an open run at Gwanghwamun Art Hall (Gyeongbokgung station, line 3, exit 1). While it looks to be more for the tourists, it’s a great chance to learn about Korean traditional song, dance, and music. 8pm every weekday, 2pm every weekend and holiday. More information at 02-722-3416 or http://www.ghmarthall.co.kr (Korean only); tickets available through Auction at 1566-1369.

April 2-3: Tom Jones. CANCELLED – see the official website for details about his voice problems.

April 2 – May 9: World Photonics Expo – Gwangju. Brian in Jeollanam-do talked about the preparations, and the official website is over here. While commercializing light and learning about what lets you see doesn’t sound like the most interesting thing in the world, it’s a good excuse to take the train and get out of Seoul.

April 3 – A special Seoul City Improv fund-raising show. Five of their members are headed to Taiwan for a performance with Taichung Improv later this month – and plane tickets cost money. Roofers in Itaewon (across from the Foreign Food Mart and What The Book), show starts at 8pm but arrive early, 10,000 won gets you in and one free drink. More information: check out their Facebook page.

April 6, 8pm: The Secret Garden – no, not the boys from the 90’s – the Irish-Norwegian duo playing Neo-Classical Music. They’re famous. See their home page for more about the music, or head over to the Nowon Cultural and Art Center for more details (Korean only).

April 6-18: The Yeouido Cherry Blossom Festival – in case getting all the way down to Jinhae isn’t the cards, the National Assembly in Seoul will be having a sizable festival as well. National Assembly station (line 9) or Yeouinaru station (line 5) are closest to the fun. When in doubt, follow the crowd. Check visitseoul.net for more information.

April 7, 8pm: Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova, also known as the two singers/songwriters in the movie Once, return to Seoul. Entitled ‘The Swell Season’, the new project keeps the duo together despite their personal relationship going south. Check out ticket.interpark.com for more, or call them at 1544-1555.

April 9-10: Jesus Christ Superstar – the religious theatre epic comes to Nowon in northern Seoul. 7:30pm on the 9th, 3pm and 6pm on the 10th. See nowonart.kr (Korean only) or call 02-951-3355. They don’t seem to see many foreigners up there…

April 9-10: An evening of three solo musical performances by some well known acts around Seoul. Check out Jennifer Waescher, Tim Mcmanus, and Ida Grandas for a chill evening of great music and excellent vibes. Tim Mcmanus can be found at www.myspace.com/tcmcmanus, Ida Grandas at http://imbuildingacity.wordpress.com or
www.myspace.com/idagrandas and Jennifer Waescher at www.myspace.com/jenniferwaeschermusic.For more information, call 010-2363-3720, go to the Soul Underground Website at www.soulunderground.co.kr
or check out the Facebook page.

April 10: Jamie Cullum comes to town! The British jazz singer-songwriter makes an appearance in Seoul’s AX-Hall (Gwangnaru Station, line 5, exit 2). If you’ve never heard of Jamie Cullum, imagine a younger Frank Sinatra that also discovered how to sing / write pop. For tickets, call Private Curve at (02) 563-0595 or e-mail [email protected]

April 15: The Shorts Show DEADLINE, sponsored by www.rootexperience.com. The Shorts Show is a night designed to provide an opportunity for individuals or groups to showcase or try out new work. Each short performance must last a maximum of 20 minutes. The idea is just to give it a go in front of an enthusiastic audience. This date isn’t for the show though.

If you would like to do a performance, please email [email protected], before 15th April, with your name, contact number, name of performance: (just a working title would be fine), number of people involved (it doesn’t matter if you don’t know for certain yet, just an estimate), and your idea: (explain in no more than 200 words what you would like to do with your 20 minutes).

April 16 (8pm) Julio Iglesias – with a 42 year singing career and a website in over a dozen languages, he comes to Seoul as part of his “Starry Nights World Tour”. Save your won for this one – 88,000 – 250,000 won per seat. No, you don’t get to take the seat with you when you go home. Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, Gwanghwamun station in downtown Seoul. For more information, visit http://www.sejongpac.or.kr/english/ or call 02-538-8181

April 16 – 17: Seoul Players 24-hour theater project. If interested in starring in or writing a 5-7 minute play, come out to Roofers in Itaewon at 9pm. People will be randomly assigned to teams, and the teams will pick items from ‘inspiration buckets’ – things like a first line, a setting, a prop, a genre, an action, a character quirk, etc. The writer is left to write the play overnight, and rehearsal begins the next morning. The show is at 9pm on April 17th at Roofers as well. 10,000 won, no reservatations required or available. For more information, e-mail [email protected] or check out their Facebook page for the event.

April 17 – 22: The 13th Traditional Drinks and Rice Cake Festival. Head down to Hwangseong Park in Gyeongju to sample, shop, or just feel like a tourist. There’s tons to see in the area. More information about last year’s festival is over at Gyeongju’s official website.

April 17: Boyz II Men and the creatively-named 4MEN group perform at the Fencing Arena of Olympic Park. Tickets are 77,000 – 143,000 apiece, and are available through yes24.com or calling 02)516-1718. For more information, check out the always-excellent korea4expats.com.

April 22 – May 16 – ‘Stones in his Pockets’ – the hit comedy play about two men in rural Ireland by Marie Jones comes to Korea after a Broadway run. It’ll come to Busan in May, so check back in May for more information about that. Weekdays at 8:30pm, weekends at 4:30pm and 8:30pm. Vin Vino in Itaewon (formerly Kabinett), with dinner specials available (visit vinvino.co.kr for more). Otherwise, e-mail [email protected] for reservations or call 016-695-4624 for information.

April 23 – May 9 – Goyang Flower Show. Time to marvel at the flowers, and I’m not just talking about the cherry blossoms here. Held once every three years near Lake Park, it’s definitely worth checking out if you like flowers at all. See the official website for more information.

April 24 – A foreigners flea market, sponsored by the Seoul Global Center. Want to sell something? You have until the 21st to get your application in. Check out this Seoul City Blog post or http://global.seoul.go.kr for the most up-to-the-minute data.

April 24 (4pm) – A reading of ‘Twelfth Night’ by Shakespeare – done in a bar. Actors Without Barders is putting it on at Roofers in Itaewon. Best of all, the roof is open to the public for one of the best views of Itaewon. For more information, e-mail actorswb AT yahoo.com.

April 25 – The Vagina Monologues come to Busan. You either know it, you’ve heard about it, or you have no idea what a vagina really is. Monk Live Jazz Club near Kyungsung University (Kyungsung University, line 2, exit 1). Free admission, although donations will go to shelters that help victims of sex trafficking in Korea. Hat tip to the Grand Narrative for putting up a good map of the location. More information on Facebook or Meetup – take your pick.

April 29 – May 2Seoul International Photo and Imaging Show – your chance to get your hands on the newest cameras and lenses without a salesperson standing right over you. If you’re a camera or pictures geek, this is the ‘can’t-miss’ event of the month. COEX mall, 10am – 6pm (last day, to 4pm) – 5,000 won admission, or free if you pre-register here (use IE, not Firefox).

April 29 – May 2 – Korea International Jewelry and Watch Fair – most of it will be out of your price range, but still lots of fun to gawk at. Wear nice clothes and you might be treated like a buyer instead of an English teacher. Expect 200 exhibitors from 14 countries showing off all forms of jewelry, from fashionable to functional. COEX mall, no word on admission fee, but expect to pay something.

April 29 – May 3 – Seoul Tango Festival – plenty of tango dancing to watch and learn from. Learn more about the event at www.seoultangofestival.com.

April 29 – May 7 – Jeonju International Film Festival (전주국제영화제) – one of the best Korean film festivals worth seeing. Not far from Seoul, here’s the link in English

(DEADLINE) April 30: Deadline for a group going to the Boryeong Mud Festival. The trip isn’t until July, but it’ll fill up quick. 55,000 won gets you a round-trip ticket on a charter bus and a spot in a pension that’s being taken over by the group. For more details, check out the Facebook page or e-mail bredalund AT gmail.com.

May 1 (7:30pm): Camarata Music Company’s second major performance – Duruflé’s Requiem, Fauré’s Requiem, along with Rheinberger’s “Stabat Mater” – plenty of classical music performed by a choir of both expats and Koreans. Check out the event’s Facebook page or go to camaratamusic.com for more. Changshin University, near Walker Hill, 20,000 won admission.

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