Why learn Korean? – 7 Reasons to Learn This Magical Language

Have you ever asked yourself the question “Why learn Korean?” What is so special about this language? Among all the languages in the world, each of them cool and unique and quite possibly worthy of learning, why should you choose to study Korean?

In this article, we hope we can decidedly answer the question “Why learn Korean?” and hopefully give you the inspiration to continue your Korean language studies.

Let’s check out the reasons why you totally should learn Korean!

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Black Day in Korea – Everything You Need to Know About This Holiday

In this article, we’re going to tell you all about Black Day in Korea.

South Korea is known for having a lot of special days on top of national holidays. One of them is known as Black Day.

In our other articles, we have introduced you to some important couples’ holidays in South Korea, including Valentine’s Day on February 14 and White Day on March 14. Today it’s time to learn of the holiday that follows them in April, called Black Day, celebrated every April 14.

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White Day in Korea – What do you need to know about this holiday

In this article, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about White Day in Korea.

You may have heard of White Day in Korea from your Korean friends, your favorite K-pop idol, or from one of the Korean dramas you’ve watched. It’s a popular holiday that shares some similarities with Valentine’s Day.

However, there are a few important differences. We’ll tell you what you need to know!

This picture contains red and white balloons

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Korean Pronouns – Easy Grammar Lesson

In this lesson, we will cover everything you need to know about Korean pronouns.

This will be useful to use along with basic rules for Korean grammar, such as conjunctions, particles, and honorifics. By learning the Korean pronouns and how to correctly use them, you can elevate the look of your written and spoken sentences in no time.

Pronouns are important to the Korean language, so let’s get ready to understand how and when to use them.

Let’s go!

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Valentine’s Day in Korea – What to expect during this love holiday

Just like many places in the world, Valentine’s Day is an important romantic holiday that is celebrated in Korea. However, like Japan and Taiwan, South Korea has put a unique twist on the holiday.

Curious what goes on during this lovey-dovey holiday in the Land of the Morning Calm?

We’ll tell you everything you need to know about Valentine’s Day in Korea.

Heart shaped box on a pink background

Do they celebrate Valentines Day in Korea?

Yes, Valentines Day is celebrated in South Korea on February 14. However, the way it’s celebrated is a bit different in terms of gift-giving. In Korea, women give chocolate to men on this day.

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How to Say “Where are you from?” in Korean

In this lesson, we’ll teach you how to say “Where are you from?” in Korean. It is a common question you will get in Korea and it is likely one of the first questions you will hear in conversation.

If you want to speak Korean, then this is one of the first questions you should learn to ask and answer. It’s up there in importance with “hello” in Korean and “thank you” in Korean.

We’ll show you how!

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Korean Family Terms – How to address relatives & friends

Even if you’re just traveling in Korea, but especially if you’re living there for a period of time, the topic of family is bound to come up. And you’ll absolutely want to learn the Korean family terms in preparation for that!

There are quite a few different family terms in Korean for you to learn. That is because Koreans often use titles instead of names to show respect. These family terms demonstrate the social and family hierarchy.

In this guide, we’ll show you exactly what each family term means and how to use it.

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Korean Practice – How and where to get language skills

Looking for some Korean practice? It’s a critical piece of learning the language, so it’s important to make your practice time fun and effective!

In this guide, we’re going to show you how and where to practice the Korean language.

We’ll also show you common mistakes and what to avoid when practicing Korean.

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Think back to when you learned a language in high school. Many people can’t remember much of the languages they learned at school despite spending many hours studying them. And as a result, they believe that they are naturally bad at languages.

Can’t read Korean yet? Click here to learn for free in about 60 minutes!

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Is Korean Hard to Learn? Here is how to make it easy

Thinking about taking on the Korean language as your next language to learn? If so, you may be wondering “Is Korean hard to learn?”

Many people ask this question. Korean is a wildly popular language to learn these days, thanks to the rise of K-Pop, K-Dramas, Korean movies, and Korean culture in general. You may be wondering things such as how difficult the alphabet is to learn, if you need to study tones, and if there are fast ways to learn the language.

We will tell you exactly what you need to know!

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