21 Months Gone with the Wind

21 Months is the amount of time I’ve LIVED in America, since my 13.5 year Asian hiatus.  From 1996 – 2009, any time I spent in the US was vacation time.  And I couldn’t wait to get home to the other side of the Pacific Ocean!  

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True Korean Stories by Bravo

This is a work of Friction.  I mean, Fiction.  I don’t know what I mean.  All’s I know is
This is an excerpt from the follow up to my Culturebook Book Two:  My Youth in Asia
The following is an unedited excerpt from a piece entitled: Book Three: Culturebook Unity

May 15, 2009


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Act Three

         Act Three contains no pictures

One last thing that deserves explanation: I live in LA, but I have no job, no income other than book sales, which are few and far between. I am, and have been for some time now, effectively broke with no cell phone, bank account; nothing in my name, with hardly anything purchased by me since about September 2010. Yet, I don’t have any need to get a paying job.


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MMXI equals 2011

MMXI began last week. 새해 복 많이 받으세요!  Feliz año Nuevo!  Happy New Year!  That’s it for me.  Three languages: Korean, Spanish and English.  I can functionally communicate en tres idiomas.  That’s all right for 42 years young.

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“Thank you anyway!” and other misuses of English

This is an open question to anyone who lived in the Republic of Korea 2002-2003:

Do you remember when Koreans began using the expression, Thank you anyway, in the same way a person would say, Thank you very much or Thank you kindly?

It’s interesting because, as anyone who’s lived in the ROK can attest, Koreans tend to think and act the same as all other Koreans, as if there were some kind of collective unconscious at work.  Korean-Koreans (Koreans who live in Korea and are not Kyopos or other Korean-_______s — they love to begin sentences, “We Koreans…” as if ALL Koreans were in agreement with whatever they were saying.  In most cases, they ARE in agreement –gotta support the team! Puddy

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his blog is a two-parter about the current selection on TV, both Network and Cable provided. The first part, these here words, is basically a list of the TV shows, cable and Network, that I like, of the shows currently playing. Here they are. 

I love them all equally. They are a part of me. The rest of the shows are shit, in my opinion.  The show I list are the ones I like a lot.  I’m a total fan of the shows in


Cable: Party Down, Weeds, Bored to Death, Bullshit – the rest are shit.

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