Part-Time/Hourly Negotiable April 2015

Insignia is currently accepting resumes for Employment Workshop Facilitators in Korea.  As an Employment Workshop Facilitator with Insignia you will conduct workshops for separating and retiring US military personnel and their spouses on an as needed basis.  The number of workshops scheduled is determined based upon the need of the site; this typically equates to one workshop per month but may vary.

Workshops curriculum is focused on areas including but not limited to: Career Decision Making, Identifying Job Goals, Translating Military to Civilian, Marketing Transferrable Skills, Techniques for Job Searching, Resume Preparation and Interviewing Skills

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Win copies of – Make Out in Korean: 3rd Edition – by Tuttle Publishing

After the tremendous success of Making Out in Korean, Tuttle Publishing is now out with the 3rd edition of this book and to celebrate its success they are giving out 3 copies of this book.

For those of you who are not aware, this book is very handy for those who are new to the dating scene in South Korea or who just got hitched. This books has conversations on topics from making acquaintances, discussing likes and dislikes, going out to developing romantic relationships and much more. The revised edition includes more idioms with the same categories, but MOST importantly includes the phrases in Hangeul,

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Freelance Translator Job – English to Korean – Andovar

A: Company

Andovar Pte Ltd
Address: 14-01 Equity Plaza, 20 Cecil Street, 049705 Singapore
Tel: +65-6532-1281
Fax: +65-6491-5140
Email: [email protected]

Company’s business: Localization/ Translation (if not available then use Business Consultant)

Company’s description: Andovar is an international provider of comprehensive content globalization solutions headquartered in Singapore with a global support structure spanning Asia and the Americas. Our progressive communications solutions cover a complete range of localization, content creation, multimedia and multilingual SEO solutions. The core of our services is in project management and resource qualification, expertise which is used to ensure a properly fitted workflow for any engagement.

B: Position

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The Ultimate Guide for Choosing Your Korean Language Course


Joseph Gerocs, 6 year resident of Korea and puer tea fan, gives an in-depth overview of some of the Korean language courses available. He is part of an online language-learning site called 90 Day Korean, an online rapid Korean language learning program. But that’s only one way to experience the love for language learning. Check out this write-up and map out your next Korean course mission!

“What’s the best way to learn Korean?”

This question pops up all the time, and there is no easy answer!

It’s not because of a lack of Korean learning material. There is all you could ever want of it available, ready to be studied, practiced, reviewed, and perfected.

Think of the available Korean material like the sun. Everyday, we get to experience it for hours, as much as we want. However, it’s not super useful unless we harness it towards a goal.

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Contest Winners – KPOP Now!

Thank you all for participating. We had a good response and everyone seemed to have their heart poured out in their participation to the KPOP Now contest. All of them participated very well. And it was a very difficult task to select the winners so we ended up randomly selecting five names…

  • Audrey Mei
  • Chilla
  • Lara
  • Richard Moore
  • Yazhini

Congratulations to the winners above. Tuttle Publishing will be getting in touch with you soon on the email id provided by you.

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Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration 2014 at Seoul National University

With more and more Indians migrating to Korea, Hindu festivals have begun to witness colorful celebrations in Korea. This year, 8th Ganesh Chaturthi festival was celebrated by Indian Students Association at Seoul National University (SNU) ([email protected]) in collaboration with Vedic Culture Centre, Seoul.

Ganesh Chaturthi also known as Vinayak Chaturthi is celebrated as the birth anniversary of lord Ganesh, the god of wisdom and prosperity of Hindu mythology. The idol of Ganesh was installed at SNU auditorium on 6th of Sept 2014 and worshiped with prayers and bhajans.

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Win Copies of K-POP Now by Tuttle Publishing

Based on the awesome response of our previous giveaway contest we are encouraged to come up with a new giveaway contest for the book K-POP Now by Mark James Russell. This book is published by Tuttle Publishing and this time they will be giving away not 3, but 5 copies of K-POP Now to anyone who will answer 3 simple questions about K-POP.

Tell us in the comment section below your answer for the following 3 questions.

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Doing US Taxes in South Korea

Many U.S. individuals living abroad are either unaware that they have the same tax filing requirements as those living at home, or believe that they do not need to file a return if their foreign income is below the foreign earned income exclusion amount. All U.S. individuals, regardless of the geographical location or the amount of tax liability (even if no tax is owed), must file a return each year.

U.S. expats who are out of the country are usually given extra 2-month automatic extension to file their tax returns without requesting an extension, which makes the due date June 30th of the following year. However, if there is a balance due, interest will be assessed on it starting after April 15th. There is no penalty for being late if you owe no tax.

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