First box by ship arrived!

So our airmail box (*sent from the post office at Incheon airport…click here for more info*) arrived a little while ago. And we are no happy to announce that box number 1 (of 5 or 6 from what we can remember) that was sent by ship, has finally arrived…yipee!

Shipping items is a whole lot cheaper than sending them by airmail. It cost’s roughly W50 000 (+-$50) to send a 20kg box from South

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**Airmail**sending stuff from South Korea to South Africa

A few weeks ago the first (*of many*) boxes arrived safe and sound in sunny South Africa. The only difference being that this particular box was sent via airmail (costing me an arm and a leg) from Incheon airport.
Now the reason for sending this box from Incheon is rather simple. Farmboy and I arrived at the airport (click here for more info on the airport limosine that runs from Daejeon to

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**GHD’s** in Korea

So…we are both back safe and sound on South African soild, but I’m still feeling itchy to blog about stuff to help out those South Africans (and of course everyone else too!) living in Korea 🙂

Here is some info on GHD hair-straightners that I was researching just before we left..hope this helps any one trying to find info on it too!

In my opinion, GHD’s are the bes thair- straighteners ever

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Arriving back in South Africa!!

After a grueling 25 hours of traveling and waiting around at airports (and the huge hasstle of discovering that I was very much overweight despite my careful packing!), Farmboy and I arrived here in South Africa safetly 🙂 And have already stuffed our faces silly with delicious bread rolls filled with ham, gourmet cheeses, basil, sundried tomato and *avocado*! Yum Yum Yum!

What a lovely

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*TED*~ Idea’s Worth Spreading

If you have never heard of TED, then I’m afraid the following bit of news we want to share with you won’t be very exciting. Thats ok. Maybe afer watching a video or 2 of some previous TED speakers, you may share a little in our excitement.
A few weeks ago, I came accross an advertisement for TED saying that the next local TED event woud be held in Dajeon. Now, as you may or may not know, we live

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*Myeongdong* and *shopping* and *food* oh my!

In our previos post on Myeongdong, we recommend going there if you could just go ther for the shopping. Well they have loads of cool restaurants and things to see too 🙂
Here were some of our highlites:Lunch at this crazy delicious Indian & Nepalese Restaurant called Om Dristi

Then shopping up a storm at Forever21

And then coffee in the ultra posh area of Sinsadong

Finally ending off

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*Myeong-dong* Seoul

So living in/visiting Korea would just not be complete without a trip to the massive shopping district that is Myeong-dong.
Of course you’ve got to also see Yangsan Electronics market to pick up some cheap technological, Seoul Tower (we are still to go!!) and a host of the other awesome cool markets like Insadong for traditional Korean souvenirs,Namdaemun & Dongdaemun as well as Hongdae for a bit

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*Valentines Day~ Korean style*

Korea is very big on holidays that celebrate love, but most of all, the giving of snacks 🙂 Remember this one:

Pepppero Day? Well Valentines day is no exception.
Valentines day here in Korea is celebrated a little differently to other, ‘western’ countires. Here, Valentine’s day is when the girls are supposed to provide the guys with gifts, and spice and all things nice; and on White Day (14th

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Getting **Glasses** in Korea

One of the first things we noticed after arriving in Korea was the number of people wearing glasses. Hmmm we though, ok, maybe Koreans have really bad eye sight. But, then I started noticing some rather odd things.
Most of the glasses people were wearing, had no lenses! They were purely for show. Loads of loads of cool frames, with no lenses. Ingenious! Who doesn’t think they look smarter with

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