Can you believe it’s 2019?

2019 has been a challenging year so far.

We are now living in Singapore, we’ve both left our jobs and trying to figure out what to do/where to be next. I’ve finally taken a career break after many sleepless nights wondering what would be the best choice – I left my career when it was at it’s peak; I was working as a recruiter for a multinational company and drawing a salary that was much higher than most my peers. I never regretted this decision, although there are days I feel anxious thinking about the money I could earned if I had continued. 
My husband left the Korean company he was working for after a difficult 2 years. We learned that Koreans will always be Koreans even if the KR firm is based in another country. He’s taking a short break to prepare for his AICPA exams and I really hope he completes it this time.

The last lap

We’ve just filed our notice of marriage with the ROM! :0 

I still cannot get over my love-hate relationship with Korea… Sometimes I use very strong words when speaking about Korea, and on good days I try to focus on happier things likes its proximity to Japan, being able to have our own car and own apartment in Korea, being able to go back to Kaohsiung easily, four seasons etc. The thought of being in a place I don’t want to be and all alone scares me.

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Wedding Prep

I have passed the frustrated + emotional stage now!! 
Learning to take things as it comes. 
Here’s what I received from the US that made me happy: bridesmaids + maid of honor gifts for the girls!!! It’s a customizable soap and lip balm gift set. You get to choose the flavor/scent you want for the soap and lip balm, name labels and wordings, wrapping paper and bag stamp design!!! I chose lavender rosemary for the soap scent and vanilla for the lip balm. Ordered this from A little pricey for the size (smaller than the size of my balm) but they’re gorgeous 🙂

4 months to being legally married

I’m at the stage where it’s too late for regrets. 

There are days I wake up and wonder if this is the right choice, the right time or the right guy. There are days I have doubts about this whole marriage and it makes me very afraid. 
Why is my wedding planning filled with stress, unease and uncertainty?

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