Seoul, University and Hagwons

So last August we moved to Seoul and started at a Kindergarten called Dasom Kindergarten (다솜 유치원)  near Ssangmun (쌍문) and Changdong (창동). Well after about six months, I quit and decided to go to University and Dan started working at another school. I can’t say why we quit, (Korean legalities) but feel free to email me if you have any questions or concerns about working there and I’ll be happy to answer.

Life is quite good now that I’m working towards my master’s degree. I also have a ton of cosplay that I need to post on here, so I’ll definitely get on that now before I become too lazy and just start playing LoL, hahaha.



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지시장 과 양꼬치


Last Saturday we went to 지시장 to by some fabric. We bumped into a friend there and went out for coffee after we were finished shopping. After getting coffee we decided to go get some dinner as well. Our friend suggested 양꼬치 (yang ggo chi) which is a small kebab of lamb. I’ve had it once before in Seoul when I went to Kyung Hee University, but this was Dan’s first time. The place we went to was close to 주디스태화 and there were tons of similar restaurants nearby. The lamb was really delicious and we ate it with some soju and Chinese beer. After the lamb, we got some shrimp and that was pretty good. I felt a little bad ripping their heads off, but they were so delicious so it was worth it, haha.

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After taking photos we went out for some shabu-shabu, but it was actually dim sum shabu-shabu so it was even better. It was a really good shabu-shabu place near Bexco called 샤브향. I definitely recommend it if you’re in the area. We got a private room, so I was glad for that because we were carrying all of our bags and weapons. Plus it can get wicked awkward carrying around cosplay stuff, but I usually don’t mind. Actually when we were heading to Centum City for the photo shoot, five or six teenage girls saw me carrying Vanille’s weapon and yelled, “COSTUME PLAY?” I nodded and they all shouted, “GOOD!!” Then we saw them on the train and they apparently recognized us and said, “Super Mario?” I confirmed this and they seemed happy to know who we were.

Anyway, back to the shabu-shabu. First, we cooked the meat and vegetables in the broth. We dipped the rice paper wrappers into a bowl of warm water, so they would become soft and easy to wrap. At first the wrappers look like sheets of plastic, but after you dip them in water they start looking more like edible food thankfully, haha. Then we added meat, vegetables and sauce and wrapped them up in the rice paper. It came with three kinds of sauces, all of which were pretty good.  After everyone finished their dim sum, we added a bowl of noodles and the rest of the vegetables to the broth. When we were finished with that, the broth was starting to reduce, so we added a big bowl of rice and some slices of sweet pumpkin. We mashed it all together and it made a delicious kind of  friend rice or bokumbop 볶음밥. I could barely eat any of the rice because I was so full. We’ll definitely have to go back sometime soon. :D

지금에 한국어 숙제를 해야해요. ><

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Kindergarten Graduation

We had our annual graduation at the end of February. Graduations like this are pretty common at schools like ours. I was an MC and Dan was a dinosaur and a snake. Haha.  We practiced a little bit more this year and the kids did a really good job, but everyday leading up to the graduation was so crazy and stressful for everyone. The kids had about a month and a half to practice for this show, but we could only practice if we had time during classes. Most of the kids would bring the scripts home and memorize them there. The scripts were a bit tricky because we weren’t allowed to have any main characters. The majority of the mothers would complain if their child wasn’t picked for a bigger role, so each student had to have the exact same number of words as all of the other students in their class. We had to revise the scripts and count all of the words for each student.

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Ella’s Wedding Day

Recently we were invited to go to our coworker’s wedding. We’ve known Ella for about two years now and she got engaged to our former co-worker’s brother. Naturally when we heard the news, we were really surprised and excited for her.  She told us that the wedding would be two months from then. We were even more surprised when we received invitations to her wedding a few days later. I guess I just assumed that it would be family and close friends only, so we were pretty excited to go to our first Korean wedding. Especially since it was Ella’s wedding, because we’ve always loved working with her.



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