Mystery Vaccine

Am I my brother’s keeper?

Perhaps not, but I can’t help but worry about the people who are going to get the swine flu vaccine, thinking it will protect them from an arguably harmless virus.

Koreans, particularly, seem overly trustful of vaccines.

Before being injected with the mystery vaccine, a few stories need to be brought to light.

First, we have to look at the track record of the swine flu vaccine maker Baxter BioPharma Solutions.

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Korea’s Golden Moments

This little post deals with Korea, gold, ripping people off and getting ripped off.


Let’s start with the 1988 summer Olympics. In this instance it was the Koreans doing the ripping off and future pound for pound boxing great Roy Jones Jr. getting ripped off. After Jones beat the crap out of Korean Park Si-hun for four rounds, the judges gave the gold medal to Park, and Jones went home a loser.


Fairness aside, and seeing that Roy Jones has done alright since, it’s hard not to be impressed with the audacity of South Korea during that time.


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