Food in Busan: Gom Jang- O 곰장어

We are going to introduce you to a series of infamous Busan dishes. First, let’s start with (Gom Jang-O) 꼼장어. Gom Jang-O means hagfish in English. There’re many ways to cook the seafood but Korean prefer to cook it with ,of coz Korean Chili paste.

꼼장어  Gom Jang-O
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From Busan to Jeju Island By Ferry

We got a lot of questions from the hostel guests that what are the options to travel to Jeju Island from Busan? You can choose to either travel by flight and ferry.
Taking a plane from Busan airport is rather convenient but expensive. Hence, a lot of budget travelers choose to take a ferry instead.  Even though it takes approximately 12 hours (as it is an overnight ferry), but it is comparably cheap and more comfortable than expected.

Temple Stay in Busan

What is Temple Stay?

Templestay simply means an encounter, a place where you can both encounter yourselves and get to know yourselves better.

For me, templestay is where I can get a chance to think and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

This is the time where you can slow down your pace and really revalue myself and give you the new energy to move forward for path.

For those who want to experience the Korean cultural consciousness, you should definitely try temple stay in South Korea.

There are so many temples in Korea, so how do you actually find the right one?

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How I celebrate old and new in Busan

Hello peeps!! Happy new year!!

Glad to be back to write this blog after so much hectic during the end of the year before.
Well to cut it short I am writing about my experience about my new year celebration-the one that I celebrate the way Korean celebrate it- well here is the story.

December 31st
I went to Nampo-dong area around 11pm to see the fireworks and the charity bell ringing in the Mt.Yongdu park, the area was awfully crowded to the point that you have to queue for around almost half an hour to get to the park. And it was freaking cold but the line was that long. I got up and heard the 33 times charity bell ringing which supposed to mean as the bell of peace.
Then we went until we saw bunch of flying paper and lantern and when we almost went down the fireworks were there!! it was beautiful and worth to watch.

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Busan City Tour

Well Busan city tour is one of the easiest way to enjoy Busan, This city tour offered many kind of route and time, they even have the night city tour route offered, almost as same as Singapore night city tour.

city tour bus

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Long term stay

Hey guys how was your weekend?

I am not really sure about your weekend but mine was great, yesterday night I watched the amazing view of the Busan Firework festival, for almost one hour the sky was shining brightly.

Well to cut it short, we realized that some travelers actually opted to stay for long term, therefore we are going to have some special offer here.

This time our offer is that if you are  going to stay for longer term such as more than 10 nights we are happy to give you up to 50% discounted price, The starting price will be from 134000KRW.
If you have any further question please feel free to contact us directly at 010-8033-9012 or email us at [email protected]

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Busan Firework Festival

What goes around comes around saying is perfectly true, do you know that even though the BIFF (Busan International Film Festival) is over, however we will have another major event soon in Busan.

Located in Gwangan beach with the famous Gwangan bridge as the background, the Busan International Firework Festival (부산 세계불꽃축제), is an event that held annually since it’s first show in 2005. On 2011 due to the popularity of the year before, the event was held for more than a week!!

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Busan International Film Festival (promotional event)

How is your preparation for the upcoming autumn guys?
In Busan we are preparing for the biggest festival that Busan have soon.
Of course all of you is familiar with Busan International Fim Festival, in short in Asia it might be the biggest film festival. This year BIFF is going to be held in October 2nd to 11th. Well you can always feel the slowly but sure winter come along the autumn leaves that start to fall down as well as watching some movies that I am pretty sure will make your heart warmer.

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September Event

Hello guys it’s been a while since I am updating this blog, but you can expect me to keep continue updating this blog and share with you guys whats going on in Busan right now.
This week supposedly to be quiet week but turns out we got many incoming guests and they are from all over the world. Then our boss *bless his kindheartedness* decided to have kind of September event.

At first we are only going to have this event for one week only, however due to some request and another we decided to have this event for A  MONTH. Yuph, that’s true we are going to have it during the whole SEPTEMBER!! And you can have one bed for FREE in our 4 bed room, not bad at all right?

This is one of simplest way to join this quiz, I will let you know;
1. Like our facebook page, you can search us ‘Hi Korea Hostel”
2. Answer the question that we have in the picture below
3. Then choose which date do you want as the free day for you

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