Our Day at Disneyland!

My dad: “If I could get you guys a free day at Disneyland, would you consider staying a couple more days here with us?”
Aaron and I: “YES!”
… and just like that, we were staying in CA! **Plus the 4runner we bought on Monday ended up being returned to the dealership (more on that later), so we’re staying in CA to continue car searching…
So, yesterday, Aaron and I spent the day park hopping between Disneyland and California Adventure, laughing our heads off, stuffing our bellies, screaming on roller coasters, watching parades, walking and walking and walking, getting soaked, reliving childhood memories, people watching, and having an all around AWESOME DAY!  *Thanks Dad!

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Back to Cali!

Well, we’ve been back in the states after an overnight layover in Hongkong, a 24 hour layover in Korea and then one last 24 hour layover in Shanghai.  We had plans to get out and see Korea one last time and check out Qibao in Shanghai, but I was sick as a dog and spent 48 hours in bed.  Luckily that sickness went away as soon as I stepped on American soil at LAX almost 2 weeks ago and we’ve settled right back into life in the good ol’ US of A.  We bought phone contracts the same day we arrived and started car shopping a couple days later, then there were visits with lots of friends and quality family time with my parents sprinkled in between.  We didn’t take our camera out as often as usual, but here’s a few photos of our last 2 weeks.

Adventures to Tirta Empul… and America!

Last night I left a banana out on the patio table of our hotel so I could get a good look at one of the many monkeys who frequent our hotel in the morning!  It worked, although I didn’t have my camera settings right before I snapped away, so this is the only decent photo I have.

Becoming a Silversmith!

We’re back home in America, but I’m behind on my blogging, so this is gonna be backdated a little…
So, the day before we left Ubud, Aaron and I headed to Wayan’s house, the owner of Chez Monique, a local jewelry store in the heart of Ubud for a little silver jewelry making class! 🙂

Goa Gaja and the Traditional Art Market!

I hope you’re not sick of seeing photos of temples yet, because there are temples galore around this place, and when you have two photographers together, you’re gonna end up with a lot of pictures!  Today we checked out Goa Gaja, built in the 9th century (801-900), about 5-10 minutes south east of Ubud.

Sari Organik Restaurant… a must see in Ubud!

I would never normally do an entire blog post about a restaurant, but holy schmolies… this place NEEDS it’s own blog post!  Thanks to Lonely Planet, we navigated through 20 minutes of paths leading through rice fields to this gem of a restaurant, set right smack dab in the middle of rice fields as far as the eye can see in every direction!

Waste of a day…

When you’re traveling for a month with no set plan, you’re bound to have one of those days where you look back and think, “Well, that was kind of a waste!”  That was today.  We didn’t do anything cultural  or see any temples, get massages, or watch any performances.  Instead, we started our morning like we do every morning with a banana pancake, fruit and coffee delivered to our porch. Oh and we switched hotels to Ubud Terrace Bungalow, because we wanted to be somewhere where there were people around.

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