Determination of Employee Status and Contract Value

The last Korea Herald column just ran.  Not that I don’t want to keep writing, but the biweekly deadline got to be a bit much with other commitments.  If you have a problem or a topic request, feel free to email, and I may be in other publications on a more irregular basis in the future.  Also look forward to some discussions of positive results for my clients on this blog and the legal bases for those in the near future.  

Determination of employee status and contract value

Fines for Illegal Work

Working beyond the scope of a visa costs as follows:

Minimum fine:  1 million won
Over 3 months:  Up to 5 million
Over a year:  Up to 10 million
2 years:  15 million
3:  20 million (max)

Deportation and prohibition on re-entry are also possible.

The fines for arranging for such work start steeper but max out quickly (5 million to 20 million to start).

Source:  Same attachment as the overstay fines.

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