Signing Out

I first started this blog in 2006, right before I arrived in South Korea. Over the subsequent years, it became an enjoyable experience for me to post my photos up and add a few wayward comments. As an expat settling down in a new country, I think it was a helpful tool for me to reflect on and understand my new environment.

Road Trip to Anmyeondo

Every once in a while, the Koryo Peninsula Farrands will venture out to rice paddies beyond the comfortably familiar, and embark on a road trip to imbibe new sights, sounds and smells.
Many months ago, one such journey took us to an innocuous little island that we shall call Anmyeondo.
I had been there many years ago, together with an entourage of adoptees on a government-sponsored program to wreak havoc on the motherland.

How much does a polar bear weigh? Enough to break the ice. Hi, my name is Lee.

Time. Energy. Access to a computer.
When these three entities are in temporal alignment, a celestial event referred to as a Blog Posting can occur. Such events happened with greater frequency in times past, but two hyperspace anomalies recently supervening in our quadrant have been sucking all resources and material toward their gaping maws, wreaking general havoc on all that was once good and peaceful in the galaxy.

Gwanak Mountain

One thing this old blogger likes to do is talk to himself in his head about how long it has been since he last posted. Aware that such mutterings can easily sow the early seeds of a number of druggable neurological disorders, we here at Lee’s Korea Blog have decided to attempt a limited slash and burn at the overgrown jungle of as-yet unposted posts that need posting.
Within the dusty cloistered catacomb-like vaults of my image archives, a substantial stash of pre-Alex photos await even the most basic of accompanying narratives.

Big Baengy Starting to Talk

Baengy started to speak a few months ago. Her abilities have since improved dramatically and she can understand quite a lot now.
We mainly talk to her in Korean at the moment. It’s not a conscious decision, but it seems more natural seeing as it’s the language used at her daycare centre. My Korean is still terrible. 
English will come soon!

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Boracay Sunset

Last year’s winter was a bitterly cold affair in Seoul, with frozen roads lined with snowy slush. In the midst of its chilling depths, we decided it would be rather pleasant to go somewhere nice for a long weekend. Somewhere warm.
Somewhere tropical.

Victory at Last

On June 24th, 2013, five signatures from the weathered hands of five stoic Gatekeepers of the Tunnel Exit signed a document confirming acceptance of my doctoral thesis for graduation.
The document concerned is the middle page in the photo below. Looking at it now, it makes me wonder about the intangible connection between the climbing of Mt Everest and the value of a certificate, however humble, saying that one had done so.

Royal Vavi

On the sidebar to the right of this post is a link to an online shop called Royal Vavi. It sells clothes and accessories for toddlers, and is run by a certain Korean brother-in-law of mine. I have three Korean brother-in-laws, but he’s undoubtedly the biggest and scariest one. 
I shall tell you more about him someday.