Life Changes via Text Message

Part 3 of the search for my biological mother begins…
In case you’re just tuning in, check out Part 1 & Part 2 before reading this.

It’s been one week.

How can I even begin to write this?

Last Monday, February 17th will forever be etched on my heart.

Because… you see… that’s the day I talked to HER!

I got the email from my case worker with HER name.
With HER contact information.

What did I do with that?

Well, I tried to go through the proper channels and contact my social worker so she could set up a time for me to call HER, but I tried calling three times and couldn’t get through. I had waited 29 years. I couldn’t wait anymore. So I did what any millennial would do…

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Mother Found.

If you read my LAST blog post,  you’ll know that I’ve finally began searching for my biological parents. I’m starting the search with looking for my mother.

I just can’t believe all the supportive messages, comments and phone calls that I have received during this process!! I am really stunned! I’ve had fellow adoptees messaging me, and [unexpectedly] BIRTH PARENTS, sharing their stories and their hearts. What a beautiful time this is.

So on Monday, it was exactly one month since the Adoption Reunion Registry received the forms.

I get an email from my case worker on Monday night (Korean time).

“I have an update on your case” she says. “Call me in the office.”

I call right away- only a few minutes after her email was sent….

She tells me that the agency found HER!

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The Path to THEM

I’m usually a private person. I don’t share the intimate happenings of my life online. But this is a story so important that it needs to be documented.

So as I said in my last post

Things have been CRAZY in these past few months.

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The No-Poo Shampoo Method & A Guest Blogger!

Shew- That was a long break from the blog!

These last few months have been CRAZY! (More to come on that later)

There are lots of you out there that are in the honeymoon stages of your new year resolutions… or still trying to think of one. Lots of people will want to lose weight or begin a healthy lifestyle.

What is my advice to those of you who want to make LASTING changes this year?
I could tell you all to go vegan tomorrow, or start running and working out everyday, but how many of you would do that and STICK TO IT? Maybe 1% or less, right?

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Product Review:Andean Dream Gluten Free Pasta + Recipe

I have something to admit…
I am an addict….

Those of you that shop on iHerb know exactly what I mean!!!! You can get basically ANYTHING you want or need for such a great price! You can find herbs and spices, vitamins, personal care items, household care items, etc. They have a wide variety of vegan/ gluten-free/ health food items that may be hard to find in small towns or in foreign countries.

If you live in Korea, shipping is usually $4 flat rate and usually free in the US!!! It has truly been a lifesaver to us here!

Among my essentials, I have a slight obsession with buying gluten-free pasta…

I have probably tried EVERY gluten-free pasta that iHerb sells! (no exaggeration) I, of course like them all…  they all seem to taste the same.

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Enlightenment in Español

Summer is over.
Fall is here.

My body handles this transition the worst out of all the seasons. Nature slows and draws inward during this transition to winter. Since we are part of nature, our bodies do as well!
I’ve noticed over the past few years that my “draw inward” always progresses in eight stages.

They are as follows:

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Korean Inspired: Devil’s Tongue Stir Fry

Today it hit me…

Only about FIVE months until we leave Korea!! FIVE!
Wow- it’s all going by so fast! We have spent most of our marriage here together, and soon we will leave.

Although we have been here 4.5 years, sometimes it still isn’t easy. Korea is still, after all, a foreign culture. Language is different, logic is different, expectations are different and FOOD is DIFFERENT!

I have had a love/hate/love/hate relationship with Korean food in my past 4.5 years here. When I arrived in Korea I was SUCH a picky eater! Not such a good thing when almost every Korean dinner out looks like this-

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Easy Exercise Ideas for Busy/Lazy People

Summer is on its way in FULL FORCE. Summer= SWIMSUIT~!

Anyone out there shuddering?

I’m going to start off by saying, there is NO SHORTCUT to a “good body”. Anyone that tells you otherwise is trying to sell you something- without exception. When I say “good body” I do not simply mean a “thin” body. My definition of a good body is one that is full of energy, vibrancy, strength and health— and consequently, it probably looks good to the naked eye.

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Let’s Celebrate! Spring Foods Feast

Lately, I’ve been doing quite a few posts about Spring (HERE, HERE and HERE).  I guess it’s no secret by now that it’s probably my favorite season.   In the Spring, nature comes alive, and I feel like I do too. Spring inspires me and I always feel so much growth and promise after the cold winds of winter have ceased.

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