The Sool Company

Over the past 5 years, we have worked really hard to build a strong community and offer the best info about Makgeolli and Korean sool to English speaking audiences. It is now time for us to renew out skin in order to grow and offer even better content. This blog will no longer be updated but you’ll get even better info on our new site: The Sool Company – The Korean Sool Specialist in English.

Hope to see you there!

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Korean Traditional Alcohol Tours

We here at MMPK have been operating Korean traditional alcohol tours for the past year or so through our network of makgeolli lovers and personal recommendations.  After thorough beta testing and development, we are now ready to launch our services to the world at large, and therefore have designed a brand new website to better showcase all the services we offer.  From tasting tours, brewery & museum tours, private brewing classes, brewing certificate courses and our international client consulting, we have developed services for all your makgeolli and Korean alcohol needs!

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