These two games will stick with me forever: Tacoma & Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

PEOPLE used to spend their summers outdoors. But in these screen-obsessed times, we seem to be doing less of that. While this ain’t great for humanity in general, it does mean that the traditional summer video game drought is over.

This summer has been exceptional for gamering and the following two releases from this month should convince you of that.

The first one, Tacoma, is a story-driven first-person game created by indie developers Fullbright, released early this month and available on Mac, PC and Xbox One.

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‘If We Stand Together, We Can Make A Difference: An Interview with Labour’s Chris Williamson

“SORRY I’m late, Ben,” the Labour Party candidate for Derby North Chris Williamson says to me as he greets me outside the train station. “I’ve just finished recording with the Today programme and this fucking racist wouldn’t let me leave.”

Tall and much younger looking than his 60 years (due to his veganism probably), Williamson smiles at me with a broad grin, shakes my hand and off we drive to a restaurant in the city centre.

As you’ll no doubt begin to notice, Williamson swears quite frequently. Not in an obnoxious or even offensive manner, but in a way that quickly puts me at ease, like talking with an equal or an old friend — due probably to his Derbyshire accent.

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Tory MP says we should stop being ‘so sentimental’ about child refugees — What ever happened to empathy?

BACK in March 2017, the Tory MP for Mid-Derbyshire Pauline Latham incurred the wrath of the media when, during a House of Commons debate on Syrian refugees in Greece and Italy, she said that we should stop being “so sentimental” about child refugees fleeing to and stranded in Europe.


Tens of thousands of unaccompanied refugee kids are stranded in Europe (Image skanked from here)

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Jobs’s Terms And Conditions Of Interminable Tedium

“THE CONTRACT everyone agrees to but no-one reads.”

That, apart from the gushing quotes from the likes of the Guardian, Washington Post, Time magazine and the Huffington Post, is all the promo blurb says on the back of Robert Sikoryak’s latest comic book Terms and Conditions.

There’s a very good reason no-one bothers to read the cryptic legalese of the iTunes terms and conditions. It’s insurmountably dull. Yet Sikoryak, for some reason, decided to take his artistic talents and turn Apple’s 20,000-word contract into a graphic novel.

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Orwell: This Big Brother Simulation Is Only A Game, Isn’t It?

AT THE end of March the free speech and privacy campaigning organisation Open Rights Group published an open letter to Home Secretary Amber Rudd requesting that she extend the consultation into the Investigatory Powers Act.

Despite the fact that the government has now allowed itself to spy on us all ceaselessly, there are still too many people who appear to be apathetic about this enormous breach of human rights.

What’s worse is that the media often joins the government’s call to expand mass surveillance, seemingly forgetting that privacy is so important to their industry.

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Migrant’s rights are Workers rights are Human rights

IN little over two weeks, the wealthiest and most heavily armed nuclear state on Earth will have an narcissistic orange billionaire misogynist with highly suspicious hair become its 45th president.

During Donald Trump’s policy-light and hatred-heavy presidential-election campaign, he branded Mexicans criminals and rapists; boasted that he would “do a lot more than waterboarding”; called for “a complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States”; claimed he was “totally against abortion” and even threatened the freedom of the press when he said: “We’re gonna open up those libel laws, folks.” (The US currently has much more permissive libel laws than Britain.

The Tories plan to scrap the Human Rights Act — an act so vile, so morbidly dictatorial, so criminally insane that the likes of Kim Jong Un, Robert Mugabe, Benjamin Netanyahu and Voldemort must be green with envy

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An Interview with John Pilger

THERE is a scene in George Orwell’s 1984 at a mass rally when the main character Winston Smith realises the state’s official enemy has just changed from Eurasia to Eastasia.

Though this enormous policy change happens in the middle of a government speech, no-one else in the crowd seems to notice it.

Finding the flags of their former allies, now their eternal enemies, strewn around them, they tear them down screaming: “We’ve always been at war with Eastasia!”


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Hitting the Right-wing Media where it Hurts: An Interview with Stop Funding Hate

“DRIP by drip our society is being poisoned with headlines selling hatred,” begins a video by Stop Funding Hate. “Right now the press use fear and division to sell more papers and they don’t care what we think because hate pays.”

Stop Funding Hate is a social media-based grassroots campaign aiming to deter companies like Virgin, Waitrose and Specsavers from inadvertently funding racism by paying for advertisement space in the Daily Mail, Daily Express and the Sun. The hope is that the advertisers will see that the hate speech presented in these papers is damaging to society and that they will pull their ads from those publications.

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Mankind Divided: The Wet Dream of Libertarian Capitalism

I’VE been spending a fair amount of time recently sneaking around a dystopian near-future version of Prague.

As Adam Jensen, a cyborg Interpol agent, I’ve been stealthily knocking out gangsters, fascist cops, cyborg terrorists, corrupt politicians and members of the illuminati in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided on PlayStation 4.

It’s great fun messing around in the game’s open environments, figuring out multiple ways to complete the divergent quests, cringing at the game’s laughably bad lip-syncing, watching the story unfold in response to the actions and decisions I make and utilising the protagonist’s technologically enhanced super powers.

However, the most intriguing aspect of the game by far is the parallels it draws with the real world.

Mankind Divided is actually the fourth in the Deus Ex series and is a direct sequel to Deus Ex: Human Revolution, itself a prequel to the entire series.

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Britain’s not full; You’re just empty


Britain is full!

The United Kingdom is so full of radical “muslamics”, scrounging economic migrants posing as refugees, and weird ex-soviet gypsies that there is literally no green or pleasant land left to stand on.

So desperate are the vast swathes of asylum seekers over in Calais for the £35.39p a week the government bestows upon them that the native born Brits are being shoved off of England’s clouded hills and pushed out into the freezing, polluted seas…

Clearly a literal interpretation of this argument is absurd.

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