Being a part of “the system”

Back in the states, one of our first priorities was to get insurance. With this little one growing inside of me, we thought it was pretty important to get coverage.

So, we began with medicaid. On Tuesday, when we arrived back in the states, I submitted the application. Since we are living with family, I had to ask them all sorts of personal information to fill out the forms ex. bills, income, social security etc.

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Travel Theme: Foliage

First off, we have now been back in the states for 3 full days. We haven’t had a moment to really process our feelings and thoughts as to what it is like to be back. We have been pretty busy seeing family, getting unpacked and getting settled. (promise to catch up shortly)

For the first time since we got back, I turned on my computer and began to go through my reader to catch up on my favorite blogs.

When I read about the travel theme this week, one photo jumped into my head. On our drive to Appenzell Switzerland we came across this window. Luckily enough it was fall which made the site even more beautiful.  I am not sure if seeing this window in a different season would have produced the same dramatic effect.

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Doggie Travel

Bringing a dog from Korea to America is much easier than bringing a dog from America to Korea.

Just the idea of 33 hours of travel makes Eunee exhausted.

Here is what you have to do, We left from Gimhae but I imagine everything is the same through Seoul.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary


We were traveling through New Mexico and arrived to Sand Dunes National Park only about 30 minutes before the park closed. It was empty. The desert stretched forever and it looked as if we were on another planet then just right off a highway in New Mexico.

Just in time for the sunset, we had a blast taking pictures and soaking up the amazing feeling of being all alone in a vast space.

To read more about our trip, click here.

For more information on the Weekly Photo Challenge, click here.

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Travel Theme: White

All in the name of peace. We found this cutie in Mui Ne, Vietnam. He was our $5 a day tour guide and showed us a great time on the Red Sand Dunes of the area. We spent the day with him surfing down this amazing desert near the Vietnam coast. You can read more about our trip here.

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A goodbye note


In Translation:

Adam and I wanted to thank you for being so friendly to us during our stay here in Korea.It is always hard to live away from your family, but every time we see you, you smile and make us feel welcome.

Unfortunately, we have a family emergency and must return home to America. Nicole’s Mom is sick and we want to be closer to her. We appreciate your kindness more than you will ever know. We wish you great happiness in your future.


Adam, Nicole, Eunee and Baby


Adam and I had to leave a little not behind for all the wonderful people we met who made our stay here so special. We gave them all plants and our letter.



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a very special..until next time

Back Row, Chul, Drella, Alice, Bobbie, Toress, Voli, Sean
Middle Row, Adam, Me, Sophia, Sally, Coco, Christopher
Bottom, Jay and Charlie
Missing, Luke

Two weeks ago when we made the decision to head back to America a bit early, we really didn’t even begin to think about the goodbyes (or as a friend reminded me…until next time’s)

A student of mine, Christopher (middle row, suit, far right) emailed me and said that we must go out for dinner. So, word spread and before we knew it, a meal was planned.

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Week 8: Kickin it up a notch!

This week was our final doc appointment in South Korea Lil. Week 7 and 8 were pretty busy times for you in there. You got some feets and hands and are about to lose that tail…sorry, but its less cool once you get out. You’re about 1.9 cm now and your super brain is now taking shape but thats not the only superness going on inside you.

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A Typhoon never stopped us

Last Sunday as Typhoon Sanba was making its way towards Busan, we were invited out for a day of exploration by my students and friends Soon Chul and Elin. Chul picked us up in his very cool hybrid and we headed off to the coast. Taejongdae

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Big Ballin on Sunday!

So, as Ajuma-Nature would have it, last Sunday’s attempt at going to a Lotte Giants game was thwarted by a sudden downpour. No matter though, when life gives you lemons, you grab big balls….and so we went bowling.

Per the suggestion of our friendly hosts, we found a spot  full of these big balls below the Home Plus near Sajik Stadium. “Plus Asiad” Yeonje-gu, Busan, Geoje 2-dong, 1208  051-507-9770 we were told this is one of the larget bowling facilities in Asia which is only just slightly less impressive than the worlds largest department store and musically synchronized water show (fountain) that Busan also lays claim to.

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