There is something new in my life.
I spent a long time looking for it. I looked here and there, I asked friends too, but it was much better at hiding than I was seeking. But eventually I caught up.

Yes, I found a job.

At first the new trainees and I had to wake up very, very early every morning, the earliest I’d ever woken up in my life. Just in case you were curious, Parkdale looks like this at 5am on a Friday morning.

After many days in a chilly classroom time they gave us a little sample of the goods.

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A little bit of rice for me and you

Sol learned this recipe from his 할머니. In Korean the word for grandmother sounds a bit like "harmony". Isn’t that wonderful? I love this recipe because it is so simple. As long as you have a bit of  rice, soy sauce, and sesame oil you are set. Feel free to play with it. Once I added bacon. That was a good day.

I know that what I am about to suggest may sound a little strange, but don’t worry, you can trust me. One of the first times I went grocery shopping with Sol he didn’t look at the labels on the bags, just the rice. After a few minutes of poking around he went to grab the arborio. “No! No! No!” I thought. Arborio holds a special superstar Italian status, I couldn’t imagine it within an Asian context. Oh what a silly girl I was.

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always on my mind – Turkish Yogurt Sauce

I remember that Nigella Lawson once said that when she gets the urge to travel but can’t, she turns to cookbooks. I am very much the same. I’ve always read cookbooks like novels, you can generally judge how much time I spend in a room by the number of cookbooks I leave behind. At the moment I am currently surrounded by 3 new library finds, one from West Africa, another about Halal foods, and the last is a really beautiful book featuring recipes from Morocco, Turkey, and Lebanon. It’s a nice little spread.

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