Iksan and Seonyudo

After departing from Chad, I made my way to the bustling hamlet of Iksan, where I met Hyesung, her sister (YoonJung), Julian, Craig and Lei. They were staying with an older man that was friends with YoonJung. It was such a great experience and I wish I had arrived earlier but I enjoyed the time with him while I could. We were out in the middle of the country, in his friends house, which was surrounded by rice paddies. REALLY cool. I felt like I was REALLY in Korea instead of in a Westernized Version of Korea.

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Jejudo – Loveland, Seoul – Korean War Museum

Our final night in Jejudo, we went to Baghdad Cafe (or was in Bangkok Cafe?). Either way, it wasn’t Iraqi or Thai food. It was a great little Indian/Nepalese restaurant in Jeju City. We stuffed ourselves royally.

Afterwords, we took a cab to the one and only Loveland. A place that my parents and I didn’t end up going to together, I wonder why?

It was a very amusing place, lots of pornographic statues and exhibits, but all in all, it was pretty tame, compared to say, the Amsterdam Sex Museum I went to a few years back. I think the pictures will describe it best.

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Jejudo – Jungmun Resort, Waterfalls, Yakcheon Temple, Yeomiji Botanical Gardens

The next part of our trip took us to the Jungmun Resort area. Unfortunately the weather started raining while there, so we were not able to go to the beach as planned, but we did get to see some other cool sites.

We went to a three-teared waterfall, which compared to the other waterfalls on the island that I have previously seen, was impressive. But it was hot…SO hot. We were in a subtropical rain forest, and that is exactly what it felt like. The rain helped cool things down a bit.

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Jejudo – Seogwipo and ScubaDiving

One of the highlights of the trip was going Scuba Diving for the first time. Chad has his Dive Masters, or Open Waters or something, and he really wanted to go. I was a bit hesitant as I am not the strongest swimmer, but I loved it.

We went through Ralph, who runs BigBlue33 (www.bigblue33.co.kr). I did a Discovery Dive which basically meant I am just along for the ride.

On Little Munsom

We caught a boat from the harbour which took us out to a rocky island (Little Munsom) that had lots of Korean divers preparing. Ralph did a safety talk with me and told me what to expect, and then helped me gear up. The gear was really really heavy, but luckily I didn’t have to wear it on land for much time at all.

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Jejudo – Seongsan Ilchulbong, Udo

With a typhoon canceling my English camp today, I figure its time to play catchup on my blog since I am stuck at school with nothing to do.

I had the last week of July off for my vacation, and Chad and I ventured out to Jeju Island. I had been there with my parents before when they visited.

View from our hotel room.

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Captain No Beard of the Hudson

A while ago (July 18th to be exact), I met up with some people to go to an artsy roof-top music concert (which funny enough I didn’t end up seeing). But while in a coffee shop, waiting for the show to begin, out came some markers and some balloons and some of the artists got working.

My friend Jason, decided to do a portrait of me…as a pirate. So I present to you, Captain No Beard of the Hudson. Drinking Syrup from Tree.

Just look at those eyes…totally dedicated

Yarrr!! Me thinks it resembles me.

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Red Devils – World Cup Fever in Korea

Waiting for the Game to start at Haeundae

After spending time in Korea during World Cup time, I think I’ve reached the conclusion that if I’m ever going to travel during World Cup time, I need to go to a country that is in it. Korea went completely mad this year and it was awesome.

I ended up watching 3 of the 4 Korean games.

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Lunch time in Korea

On Thursday I probably had the best lunch (maybe even meal) I’ve ever had in Korea…and it was from our school cafeteria! It was a great surprise. We had fried duck/veggies and onions wrapped in white kimchi, with udong Soup, rice, and delicious dried/caramelized cuttlefish/squid. SO good. Somehow I ended up ordering a kilogram of this duck for myself from the food distributor so I’ll be eating duck for the rest of my time in Korea.

Today’s lunch wasn’t bad, but it was a tad heavy on fish. It was fried fish, with process fish cakes (basically fish hot-dog), fish soup, rice and kimchi. I was thinking that in the west it would be equivalent to Chicken Wings served with hot dogs, beef stew and noodles.

Our lunches this year are a huge upgrade from last semester. I can remember one day where we had JaJangMyeon (Black Bean Sauce with Rice), and the sauce was SO bad that everybody just ate plain rice for lunch…not too fun.

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Gwangan Eobang Festival

On Saturday morning I headed out to Gwangalli Beach for the annual Eobang (Fish Theme) Festival. I went to the festival last year but was rather disappointed. This year however, Master Jun and I arranged a team for the rafting race in the morning. There were 12 teams that were divided into 3 groups. Our team, Team Trinity had 9 people, none of us who knew anything at all about rafting which really hindered our performance. The course was maybe 400m or so and its a figure 4 pattern.

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Busan Sand Festival

For somebody who does not love the beach, I sure spent a lot of time there this weekend. It started off with a very relaxing evening on Gwagnali Beach Friday night for Mila’s birthday. It was a lot of fun but I was really tired so it was not a late night for me. I love Gwangan Beach, so beautiful at night! Going to have to go back more this summer.

Friday through Sunday was the 6th Annual Sand Festival at Haeundae Beach. On Saturday afternoon I met SaeEun for lunch, then a movie, then exploring the Sand Castles, then dinner with Matt and Tony. It was a really fun day as I haven’t seen her for a while. We saw the new Robin Hood movie which was enjoyable, but I still think Prince of Thieves is much better.

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