Gayspeak: 미검출 (undetectable) 전파불가 (untransmissible)

While searching for an interesting article this week to translate, I stumbled upon an article in the Hankyoreh titled Gabriel Yun’s 20 years of fighting for human rights togeand HIV … Fighting and living together. The article is a retrospective on Gabriel Yun’s activism. It is a bit long for me to translate here, but there are some good vocabulary words that I thought I’d introduce. 

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Translation: Is making a safe school for LGBTQ+ students really something to criticize?

I posted earlier this week about the Comprehensive Plan for Student Human Rights and the conservative backlash that painted the plan as radical and a force that would inculcate kindergarteners in the homosexual agenda

I wanted to translate a more progressive view of the plan, posted by the more liberal Hankyoreh. The article, titled Is making a safe school for LGBTQ+ students really something to criticize? The article talks about how the plan would actually help protect LGBTQ+ students.

Is protecting LGBTQ+ students from discrimination really something that is going to spread homosexuality? When LGBTQ+ students are still driven to suicide due to the many stereotypes and discrimination they face, is it right to criticize the push to create schools that keep kids safe? 

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Teaching kindergarteners about homosexuality? Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education faces controversy over its Comprehensive Plan for Student Human Rights

After a five year hiatus, the Kimchi Queen is back! 

Coronavirus has been hard and boring. Hubby and I live in Pittsburgh now and life just seems like work then sit around the house then work some more. Since I’m no longer traveling for work, I decided to get back to blogging! (Also brush up my Korean) I’m probably never going to get back to posting every day like I did back in 2015, but I’m going to try to post something once a week. Mostly translations! Google translate has gotten much better over the past 5 years, but I do think there is still some value in curating and translating for the blogiverse. 

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June is Pride!

Apologies. Graduate school has kept me away from blogging. I’m not going to promise returning to regular blogging soon, because I am about to graduate and move to Boston to start a new job! My husband (did I mention we got married :-D) will be spending his summer in Seattle for an internship before finishing up in San Diego. So I have a busy month ahead of me.

However, everything is all settled down, I will be getting into a routine for Korean language study and blog writing. My new job does not involve anything queer or Korean, so I have to be vigilant in retaining my language skills and providing information to my dear (queer?) readers.

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Translation: Homosexuality is even prying into teenager’s lives

This news report from TV Chosun on homosexuality and young adults in South Korea is alarmist and sure to make your blood boil. Luckily, it’s not on one of the major networks, but it is feeding misinformation into viewers who already probably have negative views of homosexuality. I tried to replicate the ridiculousness of the style in which the news report was presented, but check out the original for the video.  

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Cooking with Drag Queens: Kim Chi

Check out this super gay Youtube channel where two bearish men cook a meal with drag star guests. This particular video, with Drag Queen Kim Chi, shows us how to make bibimbap.

It’s a cute channel, and introduced me to Kim Chi who looks like a pretty fabulous drag queen. I’ll have to keep my eyes open in case she is coming to San Diego anytime soon.

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Translation: Cheering on Korea’s LGBT Population- Flash Flood’s Acceptance Speech

This recent article in Huffington Post Korea caught my eye. It is just a quick piece on singer Flash Flood Darlings who recently came out as homosexual in a very public space. 

Flash Flood Darlings is a singer who debuted in 2014 with Plugged – At Neo’s. On the 29th of February in the 13th Korean Music Awards he received the top award Dance and Electronic Award. On this day, he received the award for his song which he presented in March of 2015: Star (별). According to a NewsN report, he explained the context for his song.

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