My Korea Delivery: A new English food ordering app for foreigners in Korea

Shameless self-promotion here: Me and my buddies Dan Kopperud and Jim Chang have developed an app together. After working on it for over 2 years, we are going to launch our beta version in select areas in and around the Dunsan region. But we need your help: We need the users numbers to prove to restaurants that there is enough demand from foreigners to warrant a service like this. So, without further adieu, here is the call for beta testers:

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151 Bar: Gungdong’s Little Steak and Break

151 Bar in Gungdong is all about five things to eat and a lot of drinks. Skip the other four, go straight for the steak. Nice med-rare with some sauteed veggies and king oyster mushrooms. They’ve been open for a few months and have a nice, low-key atmosphere. Bit of fire for eye candy when they cook.

Quan An Vietnam by Benny Palma

This review comes from longtime great guy Benny “The Jet” Palma. He loves Vietnamese food and was going on and on about how great this place delivers a Vietnamese vibe. I asked him to write this review so he would just STFU about the place. I dropped by with Stella from Centreville and it turns out, Benny was right. This place is on, like Donkey Kong in Saigon.

Hades Cafe – Brunch & Wine

I had heard some talk of Hades Cafe from several people in my social network but not any feedback. So I decided to venture on over the other day. It is located across the street from Lotte Department store (in the same neighborhood as Daejeon’s popular House Grill). (Map Below)

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Father’s Steak House: Not A Chain Restaurant Steak