Xenophobia in the ESL?

Let me give you a direct link to Adam R Carr‘s blog.

This is my little addition to his work.

The School Directors.

One step beyond the recruiters are the Hagwon owners. Hagwon owners are ultimately the ones that have this decision, and thus culpability, on their shoulders. If anyone is refusing non-white teachers, it has to be them, right?

As it turns out, this is where it gets a little murky. For some perspective on this point of view, I sat down with English speaking Hagwon owner and blogger Wangjangnim to gain some insight into possible origins of these hiring ‘preferences’.

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I have neglected this blog for some weeks now, mostly because I have some projects that require a lot of my attention and energy.

I am in the process of selling/letting go of my school.

I have received another opportunity into my lap a few months ago, I thought I could combine my school with the new opportunity, but I was dreaming.  So I had to make a choice, keep my school or go for the other project.

Since I am someone who loves challenges and risk, the choice was quickly made, I will go for the new opportunity.

Currently, I have an interested party in taking over my school.  Nothing is set in stone, but steps are being made.

It took me some time and effort, but I got an incubation office from the Seoul Global Center, and that is a big push in the right direction.

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Article : The Slavery of Teaching English

The Slavery of Teaching English


I guess the game in Spain is lame.

I am not an ageist, not at all, but the article does ring a bell in reference to age and the type of work you are doing.  The main issue is simple, the teacher game at the start of your career is good money, especially if finding another job is close to nill, but you will hit a ceiling pretty fast.  When you hit the ceiling, it won’t be able to sustain a growing family, or even investing in your own future.  As a career, and certainly if you do not walk the academic ladder. You get stuck in a catch-22 like problem where you don’t make enough money to invest in your growth and are stuck in playing the same game over and over again.

One way out is to start your own school and hire other teachers, isn’t it.  That will require capital, of course.

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The Dredge : Continued

It is obvious everybody goes through this.


To start class today, because it was Monday and because I wanted to wanted to get a few students to share what they did this weekend (and wanted to hear examples of the simple past) I asked the class “What did you do this weekend” and I got no responses. It was so painful I have to question if I want to do this job anymore. At the moment it’s just not worth it.

As I had the opportunity to go through a number of teachers (not a compliment) these issues come up all the time.

1. Passive attitudes in class

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Habits : a two edged sword in education

Let me first apologize for missing last week, there were simply too many things to take care of to even consider writing.

Habits.  I believe in the power of habits. Habits though have a way to become counter productive very fast, especially in an educational setting; for students and teacher alike.

Let’s look at some habits Korean education uses.  A lot of people refer to it as rote memorization, to memorize “ad verbatim.  I am not a big fan of this method since I am dyslexic and simply doesn’t work for me.  Therefore I cannot teach it.  Since it doesn’t work for me, there must be people that are extremely happy in using this method.

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Let’s talk about school trips

Sewol happened.  Death toll surpassing 150, will continue to climb when they find them.  It’s a tragedy, and I don’t care about your opinion on why it happened.  The tragedy made worse because MOST of them were children.  Young adults getting ready to show their potential.

Let’s talk about school trips.  Why do we keep doing it?  When I was a kid, I loved school trips cause we could bum around for the whole time.  Teachers loves school trips cause they can get out of the dredge of teaching.  Did any “education” happen.  Not quite sure.

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Requirements in running a money making hagwon

The following list is not going to be exhaustive, please add you own concepts that I forgot or neglected.

1. Marketing Genius

Before anything else goes, how you market yourself is going to be the single biggest influence on your success.  Ultimately, teaching English is teaching English.  It doesn’t matter how smart you are, how many qualifications you got, or even the experience in teaching you have acquired.  First and foremost, know how to sell the idea of teaching that mothers are looking for.  It isn’t as easy as it sounds.

2. Develop a full package

To retain students, you are going to need some level of substance in your offer.

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Becoming a Brand?

A good way  for any business to retain customers is to generate brand recognition.  Brand recognition brings with itself a status that parents can carry around like a badge.  The problem with branding is it can easily bite you in the ass too.

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