Autumn Spice Smoothie

autumn spice smoothieautumn spice smoothieI’m not a breakfast person, but I am a fan of early mornings. Lately, I’ve been trying to wake up earlier to get a quieter, slower start to the day, but the result is that by the time I make it home from the shop in the late afternoon, I’m absolutely starving. So my solution to the breakfast problem has been smoothies — they’re quick to make, with minimal cleanup, and easy on the stomach, but they can pack a real punch when it comes to getting in enough calories and nutrition to make it to a late lunch, even if you’re on your feet baking all morning.

In an attempt to keep up the routine without getting bored, I’ve started to experiment a little more with ingredients. This week, I was craving something that would help it feel a little more like fall, so I went with oat milk and that old classic combination: cinnamon, nutmeg and clove. I even tossed in some pecans for good measure (and a little extra protein).

So here it is, a short and sweet little recipe for Thursday. If you give it a try, let me know, and if you make any alterations you think make it better, let me know that, too. Happy almost weekend!

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