Busan News (July 2020): Beach Openings, Mask Rules, & Covid-19 Stats


Assorted News from Busan Metroplitan City 


Assorted News from Busan Metroplitan City 


Administrative Order Limiting Gatherings at Five Beaches in Busan


안녕 여름! 안녕한 부산!
사회적 거리두기로 안녕한 부산을 만들어 갑시다.


The City of Busan has issued an administrative order that prohibits night drinking and eating between 7 p.m. and 6 a.m. from July 25 to August 15, 2020 at five beaches, including Haeundae, Songjeong, Gwangalli, Songdo and Dadaepo. In addition, wearing masks on the five beaches, nearby parks and beach roads are mandatory from July 25 to August 15, 2020.

Local government officials will patrol the beaches with police. After a grace period from July 18 to 24, violators will be reported to the police and charged with a fine of up to 3 million won.

The crackdown on face mask violations will run 24-hours a day from July 25 to August 15, 2020.


Face Masks Required for Restaurant and Bakery Workers in Busan



음식점 종사자분들~ 마스크 착용 필수 입니다. 부산시 음식점 종사자 마스크 착용 의무화 실시!7.13. 부터 일반음식점. 휴게음식점. 제과점 마스크 착용 의무화 ※ 미착용 사례 적발 시 즉시 고발조치 · 구상권 청구 등 강력 대응 예정


The City of Busan has announced that employees at all restaurants and bakeries in Busan are expected to enforce Busan’s mask-wearing mandate. The city’s mask-wearing mandate will be required at some 53,000 establishments including regular restaurants.

The City of Busan also plans to check whether businesses are complying with its infectious disease prevention guidelines, including periodically ventilating and disinfecting before and after business hours and preventing workers with fever or respiratory symptoms from coming to work. The new measure will go into effect on July 13th after a guidance period.

For more information, please contact the Healthcare and Hygiene Division at (051)888-3372.


– Avoid busy hours and minimize your staying time

– With others, sit diagonally if possible or face in one direction

– Observe personal hygiene regulations, such as hand washing and the use of hand sanitizer

– Wear a mask before entering a restaurant, including before and after having meals

– Use individual utensils, glasses, and do not share them

– Use hand sanitizers or plastic gloves before and after using tongs, plates, and serving spoons.

Covid-19 Busan Updates

Case Summary in Busan

(as of July 15, 2020, 12:00)

  • Total confirmed: 153
  • New cases (today): 0
  • Total recovered: 145 
  • Hospitalized: 5 
  • Total deaths: 3 


Travel history of COVID-19 Patients in Busan

Case #101 ~ : http://www.befm.or.kr/sub/template.php?midx=49&mode=view&page=1&intnum=3099

Case #1 ~ #100: http://www.befm.or.kr/sub/template.php?midx=49&mode=view&page=1&intnum=2962

Busan Foundation for International Cooperation Offers Information on COVID-19

Languages: Tiếng Việt | Русский | Indonésia | 简体中文 | English


COVID-19 Screening Centers in Busan

Exemption from screening inspection fee and notification obligation – For foreigners

Coronavirus Disease-19, Republic of Korea

Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Website: http://ncov.mohw.go.kr/en

Confirmed Cases of COVID-19 in Busan (Cases 1-153)

More info at: http://english.busan.go.kr/bsnews01/1418806


Cancellation of Busan Sea Festival and Busan Rock Festival Due to COVID-19 Outbreak

Festival, to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and ensure the safety of citizens and tourists.

25th Busan Sea Festival – August 1-5, Haeundae Beach, etc. (Cancelled)

Busan Rock Festival – September 25-27, Samnak Ecological Park (Cancelled)

In circumstances of surging COVID-19 cases, the government put forth a rule to cancel or postpone nonessential events and festivals. At beaches, it recommends cancelling events or festivals, which can lead to an increased risk of COVID-19 cases through close contact of participants. When hosting an event, it asks participants to refrain from activities that may release respiratory droplets into the air (such as singing, chanting, and shouting).

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