Cafe Marion (Miryang)ㅁ


A countryside cafe with a beautiful garden! There are a variety of outdoor patio seats.

But if it is too hot outside, there are also seats indoors. It is well air conditioned and has some window seats in various rooms.

Besides paying attention to detail with interior design and decor, they take their coffee seriously and have a variety of drip coffees to choose from, as well as a standard specialty coffee menu. Our choices were a Colombian iced americano and an iced latte. Both had a more acidic flavour that what is served at most cafes here so we opted to add a little sugar syrup.

Now, the location is fortunately not easily accessible by public transit. It is in Miryang, which is northeast of Busan. Here is a Naver link with a map, plus business hours.

And there are a few others things you can do while in Miryang. There is a small lake park called 양위못…

And then a temple called 영산정사…

If you want info on the temple, visit

So make a day of it and enjoy Miryang!

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