Curtains: 2 Green, 1 Orange

2 shimmer green and 1 orange curtain. Excellent condition and they block out the sun very well. Each is 240 X 120cm. 10 000 won for all 3. Adjustable rod, hooks and rings included. Email or message me here. Collect in Seomyeon/Jeonpo.

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Great Condition OnePlus 7 Pro (128GB + 6GB RAM) + Accessories! (325k)

Hey! I'm selling my OnePlus 7 Pro (128GB + 6GB RAM) that I purchased brand new in November of 2019. It's a fantastic phone, definitely the best phone I have ever owned. The only reason I'm upgrading is because it's too damn big for me! Just got the new Pixel 4a to replace it. Anyways, I always baby my phones and take extremely well care of them. It has had a case and screen protector since day one, and I used an app that alerted me when it was at 90% charge (this reduces battery wear over time). There are zero scratches on the front or back glass, and only a few minor scratches on the charging port from regular use. I tried to photograph everything as best as I could!

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Airbed for sale

Airbed with built-in footpump for sale. 180 X 125cm. Used twice. Collect in Seomyeon. 10 000 won. Please email me or message me here..

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2011 Macbook Pro 13′ For Sale

I'm selling my old Macbook Pro for cheap.

Macbook Pro 13', late 2011. Bought in December 2012.

Great physical condition, never spilled on/fell etc lol

Speaker's a little off, sounds like there is no bass so I've just been using bluetooth speakers. Battery's at around 1,500 charge cycles and hasn't been replaced yet.

Overall it works fine, but it does need some work done. 140,000 OBO!

Please email me or message me at o1o-66o2-19o6 if you're interested 🙂


OS X Yosemite version 10.10.5

Processor 2.4 GHz Intel Core i5. Memory 4GB.


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