December 10 – 12, 2017I arrived by bus from Bagan early in the…


December 10 – 12, 2017

I arrived by bus from Bagan early in the morning and used the Uber app to hire a car to take me to my hotel, the Sunny Holiday Hotel ($50 for two nights). Awesome location and really nice staff, but don’t stay here. All the rooms smell like smoke, it’s old, and the breakfast made me unhappy (not sick, just unhappy). Great wifi, though.

I really wanted to go scuba diving in Myanmar, preferably south in the Mergui Archipelago, but was heavily discouraged by dive masters in the country. Diving is still new to Myanmar and I was advised that it wasn’t yet safe.

Bagan is a bustling city with a few pagodas to see and street food to eat. I enjoyed a few days of eating good food and seeing some new sites. It feels really safe to me. Keep your shoulders covered and walk with purpose so no one bothers you. 

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