December 10, 2016I had a ten-hour layover in Zürich and since it…


December 10, 2016

I had a ten-hour layover in Zürich and since it was my first time in Switzerland, I thought it’d be a great opportunity to see more than the hotel room. The Holiday Inn Express Zürich Airport offers free pickup and drop-off, close to the airport, and is 92.50 Swiss franc ($92.74 USD) a night. 

Using limited internet, Google Maps got us downtown and back on the train for 18.2 SFr. roundtrip a person. We went to the Swiss and Fondue Restaurant, Le Dézaley. Two servings of fondue, a bottle of white wine, and two espressos will run you 115.80 SFr. – and you’ll be so much happier than sitting in your little hotel room for your layover.

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