Dino – Italian Cuisine Nestled in the Artsy District of Town


“Old Downtown” has a new Italian venue just around the corner from Brickhouse and down the street from Red 26 in the artsy district of Daeheung-dong.
(They recently celebrated their 100 days birthday last weekend 7-6-13)

The owner had lived and ran a restaurant for approximately 13 years in Australia. (if my memory serves me correctly).

If you are looking for some privacy, Dino’s has 4 floors of seating to choose from.

There are various dishes to choose from. Currently, I can only recommend the pizza. The heart of a pizza is the sauce, as it holds the pizza together.
I really enjoyed the sauce, it had a nice hearty tomato taste.
Keep in mind, the other notable pizzeria in Daejeon is Nuovo Napoli up in the northern part of Daejeon, in  Goong-dong.

I for one, am not a huge fan of Nuovo as the sauce lacks the  flavor I’m looking for. It all depends on what you’re craving.

Glen Riley and I ordered a Chicken Caesar salad. The ingredients got
full marks from me even despite my dislike of anchovies.
Once the salad was tossed around a bit, I didn’t notice the anchovy
All the important components were present and accounted for, and
all were good quality.

However, the flavor although nice, the dressing
was a bit tangy and it overpowered the other tastes.

Crab Lasagna -Daejeon Access doesn’t recommend this dish  unless its fresh^^

The pizza was excellent and Chicken Caesar salad was good. The dessert was outstanding

Overall the ingredients seemed fresh, with the exception of the Crab Lasagna which Earl thought was not fresh. It had a rubbery texture as if it had been microwaved. I agreed with his assessment

The presentation of the food was fine

No complaints on the service

The prices were reasonable


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