DuDu (두두)


Name: DuDu (두두)

Location: Hyehwa

Name: DuDu (두두)

Location: Hyehwa

Reviewed by: Mamas and papas on January 18th, 2014

Thoughts:  A very bright, new and clean makgeolli house with a coffee shop ambiance. Sign posted with the unmistakable makgeolli jug above the door outside and tables for two spotted around the interior of this cozy establishment. A large and varied selection of makgeolli is available. From cheaper, common varieties to more premium quality brands. Don’t let the menu confine you; The owner is a fellow enthusiast and frequently stocks high quality makgeolli and home brew off menu, that he is happy to introduce to you. The food is similarly varied, from the traditional makgeolli house fare to more fusion dishes and salads.


A popular yet quiet venue, DuDu offers you an ideal little location to bring your date in the evening to enjoy few well chosen drinks, or a small group of your friends for some luscious makgeolli and lubricated conversation. It can be a bit of a squeeze as it is not designed with large groups in mind, but if you call in advance they will be happy to pull a couple of tables together to accommodate you.


Overall: **** (4 Stars)


Seafood Pajeon (해물파전):  (Fresh Seafood & Veggies,  base very soft and eggy) *** (3 stars)

Kimchi Jeon (김치전): (Well spiced, crispy, a little oily) **** (4 stars)

Potato Jeon (감자전):  (Soft, doughy, a little plain) *** (3 stars)


Potato Jeon (감자전) with Soy Sauce dip


Dae Dae Po blue label (대대포):   (A consistent like for mamas & papas, sweet, balanced, aftertaste of honey)  **** (4 stars)

Gongju Chestnut Makgeolli (공주알밤):  (Nutty, very sweet, quite thick) *** (3 stars)

San-ee (산이막걸리)  (Smooth, refreshing, quaff-able, citrus notes) *** (3.5 Stars)

Jinju Black Rice Makgeolli (흑진주):  (Tangy, unique, saccharine) *** (3 stars)

Ihwaju (이화주): (Tart, strong, thick yogurt textured makgeolli, eaten with a spoon!) **** (4 stars)


For something special try the Ihwaju (이화주), a delicious makgeolli yogurt!

We sampled various other makgeollis including some interesting Black Bean Makgeolli (검은콩)(3.5 stars) and one made from Flour (밀가루) (3 stars). Unfortunately the names have escaped us here at MMPK, so if any of you adventurous makgeolli lovers find them, please let us know the names! Thank you very much!!


What mamas and Papas liked: The Owner. His knowledge and enthusiasm for makgeolli is very apparent. He is happy to talk rapidly and at length (in Korean) about the ingredients, origins and palette of the produce he sells. He has also been known to offer samples of his own (very good) homebrew if the time is right and he sees that you share his passion. His love of Makgeolli is shown in the large selection he has at hand. One Papa exclaimed: “Great knowledge and service! Excellent makgeolli!”. Multiple trips are recommended to get through the menu.

What mamas and papas disliked: The Food. While it is very hard to pick fault with anything in this venue,  it’s selling point is the makgeolli selection. The food we ordered, though not bad, was nothing particularly outstanding.  On the other hand, ordering one of the more modern or fusion dishes could potentially be more satisfying. The place could also benefit from being larger, as the quality is definitely there to attract a lot of clientele. “More seats! grow your business!” was one satisfied mama’s affectionate plea to the owner.


Recommendations: Hyehwa is a bustling district with a colourful nightlife. Young Koreans mix and mingle among the abundant shops and street stalls. More popular with the locals than with the international crowd; the area is bound to reveal a few hidden gems (두두 included). Why not pop in for dinner and drinks before catching a show in one of the neighborhood’s theaters? Or even just for some deserved refreshment after a session of retail therapy?

How do I get there?  Come out of Hyehwa Station (Line 4) Exit 2.  Walk straight and turn left just before you see the park.  Walk straight, you will cross 2 intersections and the road will come to an end.  Turn right, and then take your first left.  The name  DuDu (두두) and a large  sign with a big makgeolli jug are on the outside.


Happy Mamas and Papas squeezed into DuDu

Address: 서울특별시 종로구 동숭동 130-24 1층

Map: here

Number: 010-9119-1884

Have you been to DuDu before? Tried more dishes or have more opinions? More questions? Leave us a comment below and tell us what you think!

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