hair In Love Salon: A Great New Place to get a Hair Cut in Seoul


On an impulse I went to a new hair salon with my friend last Thursday. It is called Hair in Love, and is located near Apgujeong, Seoul. The questions, “Where can I get a great hair cut in Seoul?” “Where can I go to get a hair cut with an English speaker in Seoul?” or “I want to find a salon that isn’t too big but knows what they are doing?” Along with, “I have curly hair, where can I get my haircut in Seoul?” Can all be answered by going to this salon, where Jun the hair stylist speaks English and knows what he is doing.

I’ll post directions at the end of this write-up.

The salon is a cozy one with only a few chairs for clients and some area for sitting. But I liked this as I didn’t feel like just another head of hair in a large salon. We came on a Thursday afternoon, and from what I hear the weekend can get quite busy. This place also does hair coloring, perms and straightening, which according to some folks do a great job.

I went in for my usual spring hair-cut, and asked for, “More layers with it being longer in the front and shorter in the back.” As Jun consulted with me he was quite intuitive and asked if I wanted an asymmetrical look, but I wasn’t too sure about it. During the cut he was very attentive and not distracted at all. I tend to find that in larger salons the hair dresser often is multi-tasking.

Although I didn’t ask for it, they blow dried my hair and straightened it after the cut. I guess next time I should of said that I want to keep the curly look. But it was fun anyways to sport a straight look for the evening.

Just so you get an idea, here is what I looked like before…

My hair cut was just 27,000 won, which is incredibly cheap compared to back home in the States. Plus I felt that was a reasonable price for one in Korea. My friend, however, got her hair dyed and cut a little which came to around 80,000 won. I don’t know if that is a good price, but she says their service is really great for coloring.

Also she said, when his assistant is there you sometimes can get a massage.

Anyways, I would highly recommend trying out Har In Love, and giving Jun some new business. It’s a great salon that seems to know latest trends and also has a creative side to it.

The address:
19-19, cheongdam-dong, gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

Photo Map:

You want to head out of Cheongdam station exit 9, and get a taxi or walk up the long street till you get to Dosandaeroe street and turn left. You can see on the map. What you want to do is get to the building you see here on the right, that is gray and concrete. You want to walk up the street next to this alongside this building.

Then you want to be at the corner of the gray and glass building and make a right. The salon is just a bit up the street and on your left.

The green paneling on the building on the left there, that is the salon. I hope to get better instructions from my friend soon, but here is a workable map link you can use.

Plus this area has a lot of great restaurants nearby, and is near the Apgujeong Butterfinger Pancakes. Anyways, I hope you find yourself at this salon one day and having a great hair cut or treatment.

Telephone: 02-546-0366
Email: [email protected]

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