How to learn Korean Numbers?

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Korean numbers are counted in 2 different systems.sino korean system and native korean system. The number in korean is known as 숫자 – Sutja. First of all, let’s learn some Korean number related names or terms that are used for the calculation of numbers.

Plus is 더하기 in Korean

Subtraction is 빼기  in Korean

Multiplication is 곱하기 in Korean
Division is 나누기 in Korean
nattive number sino number
1 하나 hana 일 EEl
2 둘 Dul 이 EE
3 셋 Sam 삼 Sam
4 넷 net 사 sa
5 다섯 Daseot 오 wo
6 여섯 Yesoet 육 Yuk
7 일곱 Ilgop 칠 Chhil
8 여덟 Yedeolp 팔 Fal
9 아홉 Aahop 구 Gu
10 열 Yeol 십 Sip

How do you count to 10 in Korean?

1 하나 / 일
2 둘 / 이
3 셋 / 삼
4 넷 / 사
5 다섯 / 오
6 여섯 / 육
7 일곱 / 칠
8 여덟 / 팔
9 아홉 / 구
10 열 / 십


How do Koreans read phone numbers?

01044294220 is 공 일 공 사 사 이 구 사 이 이 공. While saying zero people normally say 공 instead of 영. Sometimes phone numbers are also used in the Native number system.

South Korea emergency Numbers
119 일 일 구. which is used to contact fire station or Medical.
112 is used to report crime and contact police
120 is to  Provide information for foreign residents to adjust life in Seoul.

Here is a Korean counters list with English pronunciations. The list consists of korean numbers in English.

일{ Il} 1
십{ sib} 10
백{ Baek} 100
천{ cheon} 1,000                                 One Thousand
만 { man} 10,000
십만 {sib man} 100,000
백만 { Baek man}1,000,000                  One million
천만 { cheon man} 10,000,000
억 { uck} 100,000,000
십억 { sib uck} 1,000,000,000               One Billion
백억{ baek uck} 10,000,000,000
천억 {cheon uck} 100,000,000,000
조 {jo} 1,000,000,000,000                     One Trillion
십조{sib – jo} 10,000,000,000,000
백조 { Baek – jo} 100,000,000,000,000
천조 { cheon – jo} 1,000,000,000,000,000


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