It’s been almost four months since my mom and I traveled…


It’s been almost four months since my mom and I traveled to Hong Kong together. Mom has been asking when our next trip is. Since I’m trying to reallocate all extra funds to my student loans, I don’t have any trips planned in the near future. But the fun thing about traveling is reliving it by sharing stories and looking at photos.

Three things I didn’t previously mention about my trip, but my mom and I still find funny to talk about:

1. At the time we were traveling Hong Kong (late July through early August), we couldn’t find any watermelon. Delicious yet affordable mangoes more than made up for this.

2. Less people wore glasses in Hong Kong than in Korea. In Korea, folks wear glasses with no lenses!

3. Maybe because of the above, but one cannot purchase contact solution in the convenience stores. In general, it’s hard to find. I couldn’t find a travel-size bottle.

I said this would be my last trip to Hong Kong until I traveled to new places, but I already want to go back.

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