Korea Brand Spotlight ♥ Le Bunny Bleu Shoes 버니블루


Today I have a new adorable Korean brand to share with you, my lovely readers! This is a new hit shoe brand with girls in Korea and is a shop I instantly fell in love with when they first started popping up around Seoul around 2010~ welcome to the romantic vintage world of Le Bunny Bleu! Adorable shoes every girl needs in a range of yummy colors!

Today I have a new adorable Korean brand to share with you, my lovely readers! This is a new hit shoe brand with girls in Korea and is a shop I instantly fell in love with when they first started popping up around Seoul around 2010~ welcome to the romantic vintage world of Le Bunny Bleu! Adorable shoes every girl needs in a range of yummy colors!

Le Bunny Bleu was kind enough to provide me with lots of into to share so you can get to know the brand, as well as some sponsored shoes which I will feature and review at the bottom!

How can I refuse such fun shoes that I am already a fan of? XD

Le Bunny Blue carries a range of shoe styles, but they are perfect for girls fond of sweet feminine Edae style~ slightly sophisticated, slightly sweet! While the most popular and signature shoes of this brand are the adorable flats they sell, they are also becoming a popular shop to buy unique oxfords, loafers, and even cute rain boots in the Summer when Seoul gets soggy!

Founded in 2009 by a group of young international entrepreneurs, the company’s original vision was to create a store that specialized in flats and produced hundreds of styles each season to appeal to the international market in ways that were unique, adorable, and unforgettable. Over the last few years it has slowly built a bit of a cult following in Korea, every season girls will make a point to visit the store and see the newest collection! This place has become

The mascot for Le Bunny Bleu is (of course) a little blue bunny who peeking out at you. She is creative, curious, and passionate to see the world, much like the customers. The “blue” tied to this brand (bleu in French) is intended to symbolize the color of dreams and hope!

The curious and adventurous nature of the bunny mascot ties in to the store design in a fun way~ they actually have a really sweet organic theme of grass and wood with shoes placed in fun and surprising ways to mimic LeBunny’s “footsteps” or journey through new and exciting opportunities.

Le Bunny Bleu is setting itself up as a special shop among the sea of off-brand shoes in Korea by making practical shoe styles in a range of cute or unique colors, having adorable well-designed storefronts that capture the brands essence, and producing shoes that are of a nice quality. The bunny mascot is almost always present in the shoe designs in some way, I love that!

Not only are the cute, they are fairly durable! Pairs I bought a while ago still look lovely a year or so later which is impressive for Seoul since your shoes get REALLY abused.

This brand originated abroad, but out of the 100 or so Le Bunny Bleu locations, a whopping 80+ are located in Korea! Koreans LOVE 버니블루 (Bunny Blue) and that love grows every year as more and more locations seem to open.

버니블루 shoes are not only cute as can be, but they are well-made and comfy!

Apparently Le Bunny Bleu takes a ” 100% couture” approach vs mass market with shoe construction, allowing them finer control of materials and finishes.  As of 2013 they are the world’s largest internationally available collection of women’s modestly priced flat shoes produced using one single manufacturer.

Le Bunny Bleu carries 90-100 styles per season | 3-4 color variations per style, per season!!

Bunny loafers in candy colors ~

Naturally, Le Bunny Bleu gets a lot of love in fashion magazines.

Since this is an adorable brand, naturally it can be spotted in Korea on K-pop stars and in K-dramas all the time!  If you are curious, the site provides a nice list of the TV shows/ Dramas they appear in HERE~ not sure how up to date it is, but maybe you will see some you recognize.

Oxfords Camillia Loafers

Cute bunny rain boots!

Beautiful metalic sneakers in three shades! Complete with a little bunny stud, can you see it?

Feminine and fun slip-ons

Awesome cut-out oxfords!

Le Bunny Blue~ Romantic Vintage

“Toms Shoes” are really popular in Korea, so naturally Le Bunny Bleu sells its own adorable variation.

Which flavor is your favorite?

Le Bunny Blue also has a smaller line of fashion sneakers!  They seem to be expanding the collection every season, which is great because I want to see more styles and more colors! It seems K-pop stars are drawn to these sneakers the most.

Elle’s Le Bunny Bleu Cutie Shoe Haul

I was kindly sponsored by Le Bunny Blue for me to review and share with you! I LOVE this brand and have been planning on featuring them for quite some time, so to get sponsored shoes by them was a real treat!! I have also included some pairs I purchased for myself!

Here is my glorious haul in an explosion of cuteness!

Blue Bunny cupcakes~ because, why not? lol

Neon pink bunny loafers~  curtsey of Le Bunny Bleu!  Thank you!! Love the bunny they added to the bow

Le Bunny Bleu asked me to pick a few of my favorites, and they would pick which to send as a surprise! These amazingly neon loafers arrived a week later! I have not had loafers in years because I find them a little boring, but nothing is boring about these babies~ the color is so yummy!  In fact, they are so neon that I had a hard time photographing them *_* haha

♥ ♥ ♥

For those looking to buy this loafer style, it runs true to size for me and I found it very comfortable~ no issues of rubbing on the heel or sides. The pegs on the bottom of the shoe don’t feel any different… as least that I have noticed, I suppose it is more for style!

Now while I do need flats, I could not refuse snagging a few of Le Bunny Bleu’s Oxford shoes~ they are all just too adorable and always seem to grab peoples attention!

First pair is their gold oxfords~ they are a really beautiful shade of gold and shiny! I used to hate gold, but I love how people are wearing it now with more geometric blank and white things or BOY LONDON type stuff, so I thought I might as well jump on that with some snazzy shoes!

These (like the site warns) do run very narrow, they fit my feet but the heel is a bit uncomfortable so I think a half size up may have been better for me. Lucy for me I own a shoe stretcher (best investment EVER) so I am currently stretching and trying to break them in! I love these and get lots of compliments when I wear them, the material looks expensive and not tacky I think :D they come in silver too!  I still can not wear them out all day, so those of you with blister prone feet be warned that you do have to break these in a considerable amount.


Next pair of oxfords I had to grab are these yummy aqua pink cuties~ the colors are just too pretty! Check out the contrast stitching in these! These are VERY comfortable and I fell in love with them in the stores in Korea~ so happy to finally have the pair in my collection! I have been wearing these the most out of the haul due to comfort!

Final pair are a must have for any lover of this brand~  bunny flats!!  These are my go to flats, they are a great basic with a touch of cute and oh so comfy! No white shoes after labor day? Whatever!  These are my go-to flats now~  they are a little prone to getting scuffed since the material is soft, but are fairly easy to clean up!

Elle’s Outfits with Le Bunny Bleu Shoes


Jacket- Gmarket | Blouse- Vintage Barbie/Japan thrift shop | Skirt- Gangnam Station| Shoes- Le Bunny Bleu

I will be adding more outfits to this post shortly!  I have been too busy to snap photos in them this month T_T

Where to buy Le Bunny Blue Shoes in Korea

Le Bunny Bleu has over 80 locations in Korea, so I can not give you one single shop to visit since they have so many and every single one is a little different. Some are a little smaller and carry less inventory vs others, so you never know which shop will be the best one for you at your current location! I will provide you a few locations in major areas of Seoul that are worth checking out though~ if you live outside the city please check the location listing online (in Korean) to find the shop nearest you!

♥ ♥ ♥

Please note that Korean shoe shops generally carry only smaller sizes, usually up to a USA size 8. For larger sizes, read below for online shopping options.

Gangnam – Garosugil Le Bunny Bleu Location (View on map)

서울시 강남구 신사동 533번지

♥ Hongdae ♥   Le Bunny Bleu Location (View on map)

서울시 마포구 서교동 486번지 홍대정문앞 푸르지오상가 104호

♥ Edae ♥   Le Bunny Bleu Location (View on map)

서울 서대문구 대현동 37-5 이화여대길 43-1

♥ Sindorim ♥   Le Bunny Blue Location (Technomart area)

서울시 구로구 구로동 신도림 테크노마트
지하1층 BS 18호(개방통로)

Dongdaemun   Le Bunny Bleu Location ( View on map)

Lotte Fit in Department Store – 3rd floor서울별시 중구 을지로 264(을지로6가) 3층

Please note, hours vary depending on the location, generally they open 6 days a week around 9-11am and close around 9-10pm though! For specific hours you can check the listing I linked.

Feel free to comment below if you know of a good location I missed~ these are popping up so often I can not keep track!

International Le Bunny Blue Store Locations

No plans to visit Korea? Fear not~ Le Bunny Bleu has international locations and is growing every year! You can find shops in the USA (mainly east-coast) , Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Russia, London, Manila and more! Check HERE for a full list of international locations

Le Bunny Bleu USA store~ Trinity Places Department Store: 61 Broadway, New York, NY 10006

To my American readers, the best place to buy Le Bunny Bleu is its dedicated section in the Trinity Place in New York! If you live in the city you should swing by here to check it out in person~ my sister lives in New York, so I hope to see this location someday as well.

Shop for Le Bunny Blue Shoes online ~ Worldwide!

YES, you can shop online for Le Bunny Blue shoes online too! SHOP HERE NOW

USA has its very own online store with a warehouse here so you can avoid the headache of international stores and long shipping time! Just click “Buy” and your shoes will arrive to you as swift as a bunny (hur hur) in only a few days! For my non-USA readers, Le Bunny Bleu shop ships to some international locations, with the exception of Russia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, Malaysia and Taiwan. This is because they have their own online stores through the site, so click around to find the links that will work best for you!

I personally ordered a few pair using the online site and it was quick and pain-free plus they have lots of sales an coupons floating around online! If you are not in the USA you can also shop with them through the Japanese, UK, and I believe Singapore versions of the site, but they may use slightly different methods depending on the country. Since they have a HQ in New York, I recommend the USA based online store when possible.

Free shipping on USA orders above $250

USA online shop generally carries sizes 5-10 for women

If you could have any pair of Le Bunny Bleu shoes, which pair would you pick and why? Have you ever shopped with them before or spotted them someplace worth sharing with other readers? Share below!!

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