Korea File Podcast: Gentrification and the Destruction of Cultural Heritage in Seoul

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Traditional Korean homes have become a victim of recent waves of gentrification in Ikseon-dong and Bukchon. But as these old residential neighbourhoods become a haven for hipsters, the unique cultural footprint of an important aspect of Seoul’s history is being erased.

On episode 86 of The Korea File, Ji-hoon Suk, a University of Michigan Ph.D. student in Asian History and a keen observer of cultural heritage in the metropolis, joins host Andre Goulet to explore the rich historic legacy of some prominent hanok affected by development.

Plus: critiquing the city government’s too-little-too-late policy on managing gentrification, debunking so-called “heritage garden” Seongnagwon, investigating the architectural secrets of Seoul’s long-lost Cheongnyangni 588 red-light district and more.

This episode was produced in collaboration with the Royal Asiatic Society- Korea Branch (RASKB). Find out about upcoming lectures and tours at www.raskb.com

Music courtesy of Creative Commons.

This conversation was recorded on August 25th, 2019.

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