Learn How to Cook Korean Food from ‘Maangchi’


I can still recall the first time I tried to cook Korean food… it was a disaster!

I can still recall the first time I tried to cook Korean food… it was a disaster!

When I was single, I couldn’t cook anything, not even rice. It was my Mom who did the cooking and she would even prepare my meal for me. I know, I know… I should have learned how to cook before I got married… but well, those “princess days” are over. Now that I am a wife of a Korean, I am the one serving, not the one being served.

My Omonim (mother-in-law) was always busy to teach me how to cook Korean food, so every time she was cooking something for dinner, I would watch her. I had this little notebook where I would write down the ingredients and procedures. I learned how to make kimchi jjige and doenjang jjige just by observing my Omonim.

My Abonim (father-in-law) loves my kimchi jjige. ^^

Everyone in the family likes my doenjang jjige. ^^

Later, I started making banchan (side dishes), too.

Buttered mushrooms and spring onions with sesame seeds: This is one of the side dishes served in my favorite yongyang bop restaurant. The side dish should have carrots, but I don’t like carrots, so I didn’t include it in my recipe.

Dried squid and dried fish cooked in soy sauce, corn syrup and sesame oil

Gamja jorim (Potato in sweet soy sauce)

After a while, when I found out that my husband is not really fond of his mother’s cooking, I began looking for other Korean recipes on the internet. One of my favorite recipe blogs is Maangchi.com. The one doing the cooking demo is a Korean. (Who knows Korean cooking best but a Korean?) She explains everything in English and her recipes are easy to follow. (She can be funny, too. ^^)

Even now that I can cook several Korean dishes well, I still check her videos regularly. There is always a new Korean recipe on her blog.

Last week, I made 매운 무국 (Maeun mooguk: Spicy radish and beef soup). My husband loves beef and I usually don’t have enough time to prepare a lot of side dishes for lunch, so I thought beef soup would be great, since it doesn’t require banchan when you eat it with steamed rice. This is the video of the recipe in Youtube:

This is the one I cooked:


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