KJC Holdings Avalon Gwangan area Busan- Fulltime Position March 1st start!

Hello all, 

          KJ Holdings is looking for a spirited full-time native teacher to join our team at Avalon in Namcheon. Our staff is friendly and students are pretty well behaved.

Start dates: March 1st 2021

(Applicant should be available a few days prior to start for training)

Salary: 2.1 Mil (negotiable based on experience and qualifications)

Days and hours: Mon-Fri: 2-10pm 

Benefits: All standard benefits provided (housing, pension, insurance, severance pay, etc.)

Vacations: 10 days, plus national holidays

Students: From 1st grade elementary to 3rd grade middle school. 

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Busan Myengji -March start

We are looking for a native speaker for the March start, here's details:

.Location: Busan Myengji area

.Working hours: 9~6


.10days holiday

.1year bonus

.Half pay health insurance and pension

.Housing provided

If interested, please sen your CV with photo by email: [email protected] , Cellphone: 010-4009-3927(David/Director of Jobpost)

Thank you,

David/Director of Jobpost


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Native teachers for schools

 Full Time

1. Jangyu

Starting date : 2nd March

Hours : 9am~6pm (Monday~Friday)

Students : Kindergarten~elementary

Pay : 2.4~(negotiable)

Housing (also housing allowance is possible) provided

Pension and health insurance 50:50

Vacation : 1 week in the summer / 1 week in the winter


2. Yonghodong (near Metrocity)

Starting date : 2nd March

Hours  : 9am~6pm

Students : Kindergarten ~ elementary

Pay : 2.3~ (negotiable)

Housing (also housinf allowance is possible) provided

Pension and health insurance 50:50

Vacation : 1 week in the summer / 1 week in the winter


Part Time

1. Yeonsandong

1 day a week (12:00pm~2:30pm)

40000 won an hour



2. Yangsan

Friday (12:00pm~ 2:00pm)

Wednesday (12:00pm~ 2:00pm)

40000 won an hour



3. Jangyu

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Part time/Haeundae – Monday and Saturday


We are looking for A friendly native teacher for elementary kids (1~ 4th grade).

We prefer the experienced native teacher in Korea.

Days and Time:

  • Monday  4:00~6:00pm ; 2hours
  • Saturday: 10:00am~1:00pm; 3hours

If interested, please email RESUME to Jennifer  [email protected]

We look forward to hearing from you.


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Full time/part time job at Haeundae◇◇◇/ 2.6M( 2.3M/month + 300.000 Won)

Hi, we're looking for a Full Time teacher. A teacher should be a native English teacher, not someone like a native English speaker. We are friendly listeners and easy to communicate with. In spite of instability in th era of the pandemic, we have been growing since the opening.  

The school is located in Haeundae.

Starting Date : 1st March 2021 or ASAP

Working Hours : 1:00 Pm ~ 8:00 Pm Mon thru Fri

Teaching Hour : 2:00 Pm ~ 8:00 Pm Mon thru Fri

Student Level : kindy~middle schooler

Salary : 2.2~2.3 Million won

Vacation days: 9days

Housing : One room furnished or Housing Allowance(300.000)

Benefit : Severance Pay, Health Insurance, National Pension

Contact me at [email protected]

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English/Russian teacher

Hello, I'm looking for a part-time job position. I don't mind working for one month but with any schedule or any period of time you want, if the schedule is after 3pm. I have some experience of working with children, and I'll be happy if you have a position for me)

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Korean classes in February!

Busan's Korean Language Institute For Foreigners (KLIFF) is offering classes for everyone. Make a change by learning Korean this season. The teachers at KLIFF can help! Think it takes a year to speak Korean well? Think again! In just a month we can get you speaking with the locals! KLIFF is located in two convenient locations: PNU and Haeundae. We have as many as 9 levels of Korean ability for you to choose from. We also offer special lectures targeted toward the Korean proficiency test. We're open from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and available Sunday, too! Questions or need directions? Feel free to call us any time at 010-9108-6594, or email to [email protected].

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(Busan, Nampo) (Full-Time) A Qualified native teacher

(Busan) (Full Time) One Qualified native teacher


We are looking for ONE qualified native teacher for kindergarten + elementary kids (aged 5~12)

Please check the following information of native teacher position.

If interested, please email RESUME and PHOTOS to ki[email protected]

Also, let me know if you have any questions.


-Full Time English Teacher-

* Vacancy : ONE Position for Native Speaker

* Location : Busan, Nampo-dong

* Working days : Monday to Friday

* Working hours : 9:50am~6:55pm (Mon, Wed, Fri) / 9:50am~5:35pm (Tue, Thu)

* Teaching type : Kindergarten ~ Elementary students

* Monthly pay : 2.1~2.2 million (based on experience)

* Housing : single housing

* Starting Date : ASAP

* Benefits : Severance payment upon completion of your contract, One way air fare, National health insurance(50/50), vacations and holidays


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