At the weekend David and I showed Amanda and Brandon the sites of Miryang. Miryang is in Gyeongsangnam province, which is around 25 KM from Changnyeong. Miryang is a little larger than Changnyeong with a population of around 120,000. I like Miryang because it has many things that Changnyeong doesn’t have. Miryang is still very small but it has shops like a Daiso store, Etude House, Homeplus and Dunkin Donuts. There are also some pretty sites to see in Miryang. Such as the Yeongnamru Pavilion which is located on a small cliff overlooking Miryang River. There is also a seven tier temple which is absolutely gorgeous. David and I came across this accidentally. It is a little out of the town centre but definitely worth the detour. Miryang also has a few other good establishments such as North Face, Nike, Mr Pizza, Lotteria, a variety of coffee shops as well as traditional markets and more pavilions. Miryang is our out of village fix if we don’t feel like heading to a real major city.

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