Nature Republic’s Extreme Black Easy Eyeliner


I was looking for my favorite eyeliner from Face Shop two weeks ago, but the label is now different and I don’t think it’s the same eyeliner I have been using. Disappointed, I went to Nature Republic which is right next to Face Shop, and tried all their eyeliners there. I don’t like liquid eyeliner with brush applicator and cream eyeliner as they get messy and are hard to apply, so even if the sales lady was trying to convince me that those are some of their best-selling eyeliners, I didn’t pay attention to her. Thank heavens, she left me, so I didn’t have to deal with her unrelenting sales talk and she didn’t have to waste time on me.

So what do I look for in an eyeliner? It should:

  • be easy to apply (I prefer eyeliners with felt-tip, because they are much easier to use than the ones with brush applicators. I have shaky hands and I’m not so good at drawing lines on my upper eyelids.)
  • be easy to handle and won’t make a mess (I like eyeliners with an easy-to-grip holder, so I can control the amount of eyeliner I put and I don’t have to take off excess. Eyeliners that resemble a pen are best for me.)
  • dry quickly (I am always in a hurry, so I don’t have time to wait for my eyeliner to dry before applying mascara.)
  • last longer (Retouching make-up is too inconvenient for me, and female teachers in the hagwon where I work don’t usually do this in the office ~~~ unlike in the Philippines where ladies can retouch make-up in the office or even in public transportations and won’t get disapproving stares from others. Once I apply eyeliner, it should stay there for hours, or atleast until I get home.)
  • be waterproof (Who wants to look like a drag queen when the eyeliner smudges? Certainly not me! ^^)
  • be easy to take off (I hate stubborn make-up. I have very sensitive skin, so I don’t like to scrub scrub scrub just to take all that eyeliner off.)

These features I have found in Nature Republic’s Extreme Black Eyeliner, and another good thing about it is that the color is darker, perfect for sexy smoky eyes.

For me, I use eyeliner to simply draw thin eyelines on my upper eyelids. I have tiny eyes, so a lot of eyeliner and eye shadow don’t look good on me.

You can buy Nature Republic’s Extreme Black Eyeliner in any Nature Republic outlet in South Korea or the Philippines. (Yup, there’s Nature Repub in the Philippines now. ^^

You may also order on-line if there is no Nature Republic outlet in your country. In QOO10, the eyeliner is 19.99 USD, quite pricier than its real price here in SK. On Ebay, you can choose from a variety of eyeliners such as Missha, Face Shop and Nature Republic, and they are cheaper.  Nature Republic’s Extreme Black Eyeliner is around 9 USD on Ebay, but I’m not sure about the shipment fee.

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