Nothing’s Really Real Podcast: (Ep 73) Open Mic

Busan :

This is truly a special episode. It’s an open mic podcast! Due to the state of the world, I’ve used the power of the internet to gather an awesome collage of artists whom have done time here in Busan – to share their work, using this episode as the stage. This show is really a fine example of the talent we’ve got throughout our community, musicians, poets, comedians, writers and more. It really feels like a classic Saturday night in Busan.

Tune in to hear the works of Kenneth May, Nick Hemsley, The Bathing Belles, Chris Tharp and Jason Maniccia, Steve Feldman, Julia Rapp, Rob the Universe, Brian Aylward, Mr. Winkles, Amy Rose, Franklin Bongo, Caitlin Celic, Big Paper, Ryan Estrada, Noah Saunders and Mark Zink. 

Most artists have at one time made appearances before on this show, but if not – they have made meaningful appearances in my life. Thank you to all of the artists, and thank you to the listeners.
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