November 22, 2016I went up to Jamsil Indoor Stadium in Seoul to…


November 22, 2016

I went up to Jamsil Indoor Stadium in Seoul to see Sigur Rós with some friends. The concert was great! I still find Korean concerts kind of bizarre, as they’re completely different from the United States’. What makes them different? Well, first of all, tickets are twice the price at 110,000₩ ($95 USD). No opening act. Also, no encore. Takes some of the magic out of the concert-going experience.

I’ve listened to the music of Sigur Rós off-and-on over the years but I’ve never been a hardcore fan like a handful of my friends are. Maybe it’s because I didn’t listen to them at the right time in my life, or… not enough drugs. You know what I’m saying. Still, it was interesting to see them perform live. 

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