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2. An Island With Agony, ‘Eulsukdo’

2. An Island With Agony, ‘Eulsukdo’

Eulsukdo is originally known as the paradise of migratory birds of the Nakdong River. The massive field of reeds was famous for being the habitat of migratory birds, but they say over half of it was damaged as the Nakdong River barrier was completed in 1987. The reputation of being the biggest habitat of migratory birds in Korea also has disappeared, and people have been quitting the developing plans and have been trying their best to preserve the ecology belatedly. Fortunately, it is still the shelter for about 50 species, and about 100 thousand migratory birds but as you can see, Eulsukdo has agony invarious respects. There are so many words going on about developing or not developing the island every time the government changes, and the construction goes on or gets interrupted, and Eulsukdo is getting bothered so much. Especially recently, it has been destroyed much more compared to before due to the four-river project. I heard the story of environment groups and artists of Busan who love Eulsukdo protesting and denouncing, but your heart feels sad if you go there personally. You are sad not because the destroyed image is a pity, but you are sad because it is still beautiful even after the destruction. I feel satisfied and at the same time sorry at it for having to endure the past times like this. I don’t really know if the development is actually more useful or not. But I guess telling what is right and wrong about this has to be done above all. No, maybe much more before this, we must think about the limit of the qualification of human beings.

 It has lost its magnificent view of the past a lot, but I hope Eulsukdo will remain even like this. I hope there is no more agony, and I hope I will never see the great view of migratory birds flying here in a history book. My wish is to take my child here to see the migratory birds flying in, someday. If you are a citizen of Busan, I recommend you to feel how proud and lucky you are to have an island like this with such a magnificent view. Eulsukdo(乙淑島) which means and island with many birds and clean water. The name is also beautiful as itself.

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