Quack, Quack


Today I found another way to avoid the paint fumes for 2 hours: go out to lunch with my coworkers. When they told me that we were going out to Tongdosa (a very rural town about 30 minutes away) I was confused. I mean, there are hundreds of restaurants locally. What could they possibly have that we couldn’t get around the corner? The answer: a super traditional duck meal served in a traditionally styled building. At least the interior was, the outside was a bit of a mix. Fabulous, fabulous food. It’s a little hard going out to eat with a bunch of people who speak virtually no English when I speak virtually no Korean but we manage. I am learning more Korean in my 2 months in Yangsan than I did in the entirety of last year.Look at that amazingness! I couldn’t tell you what half of it was. To be fair, sometimes we used a phone dictionary to figure out what it was in English and I’d never heard of the English word either. Honestly though, if it doesn’t have dairy in it, I really don’t care.This was the view from the window of the restaurant. Yup, farm country. I actually know people who teach out there.Who doesn’t love random stone artwork? Anyways, we got back to school at 2 and I battled a serious food coma for the rest of the day. This is the first day in a very long time that I’ve been unable to eat dinner. Seriously, it’s 10:30pm here and I’m still full. For those of you that know my metabolism personally that’s pretty miraculous.

And because it’s been far too long since I posted some Konglish for your viewing pleasure…I actually have no idea what ‘ice kiki’ is but maybe it’s ice cream?

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