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3. A Good Point for Night, ‘Roasted Clams at Pebble Yard of Taejongdae’

3. A Good Point for Night, ‘Roasted Clams at Pebble Yard of Taejongdae’

I came down the dark Taejongdae amusement park riding the Danubi. Listening to the announcement, they say the firefly that we can’t see in the city inhabit here. We have to go a little more down from the ticket office in order to go to the pebble yard which is famous as roasted clam town. I was scared because it said almost 1km to go there, but I think actually it was only about 500m.
Except for the headlight of cars and the streetlight, all light come from the signs of the roasted clam town. The view of quite a shock as getting surprised after looking at the magnificent view of Taejongdae gets carried on.
 Dozens of roasted clam restaurants in street vendor shapes are stuck together and do tout on the street, and if you visit here for the first time, don’t be afraid(?) and just rush into any restaurant. Since they are always competing with each other, so the price is all the same and the service must be similar so if you hesitate you might become the sacrifice of the tout. There are a few really famous restaurants introduced on the internet, so if you are not confident it might be better for you to find out in advance in the internet and go later.

 The place I went to is called ‘My Aunt’s’ and I got to know later that it is a place quite famous in the internet. My boyfriend who was with me has been there several times so I didn’t worry so much and it was pretty satisfying. For the price, the roasted clam is from 30000won and broiled eels are from 40000won. We order the 40000won roasted clam and fried rice on it and ate until we were full to the neck. The restaurants are just besides the sea so you feel as you are eating seafood above the sea. I was grumbling about the darkness, but the roasted clam and a cup of soju we had besides the night sea was just fascinating. It would have been difficult to enjoy such a mood if we came in the afternoon, so we, who love to drink(we write like this and read as drunkards) were just so happy.

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