kick-off party / Feetmanseoul’s first fashion show


Yep, it’s back – If the name doesn’t sound familiar, a fellow expat named Liza Lebeda founded the site in 2004 (that’s a long time in expat years, people). It grew to a fairly large site; according to the Groove it was one of the most popular English language sites of its time. After Liza left Korea, the site remained dormant until recently. A few big names (relatively speaking) are involved in the rebirthing process, while many others were invited to the kick-off party. As a future contributor to the website, I was invited – and I looked forward to seeing Michael Hurt’s first fashion show.That’s Feet Man Seoul to you, also known from the Scribblings of the Metropolitician.

A look at the huge disco ball above the catwalk.

And then the models came:

It’s official – is alive, kicking, and looks to be off to a good start. While the competition for providing information to the expat / foreigner / teacher community is a bit stiffer than its previous incarnation, we’ll see how things develop.

Disclosure: I’ve been invited to write for, but not paid to plug or mention the website.

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